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Arrested for DUI without a license. What are my chances of ever getting a license?
I was arrested for DUI/driving without a license. I have my driver test scheduled for next week but was driving without a license and got a DUI. I know what I did was wrong and I shouldn't have been driving. I really didn't feel drunk, but I know it's no excuse. I'm thinking of hiring an attorney, but I had my "behind the wheel" test scheduled for next week, and was already in process to get my license. How does this affect my chances to get a license in the future? Do I have to wait longer now? Since I didn't have a license, how does DMV go about suspension? Any direction is greatly appreciated.
We need more information to answer your question. How old are you and is this your first DUI?
How will a second DUI affect my chances of becoming an attorney?
I was already convicted in 4/2014 of DUI and am about done with the sentence (fines, DUI program and 4 days jail). I have been going to counseling since I felt I was in dire need of it (and I also heard it would help show good faith rehabilitation with the State Bar). I'm almost done with law school and am going to be taking the bar in 2016, but I wanted to know what to expect if/when I do pass, and whether this will affect my ability to become licensed by the State Bar. If any administrative law attorneys could share any wisdom, that would help tremendously.
A second DUI will surely have a negative impact on your chances of becoming a licensed attorney. Of particular concern...
I got a DUI 4 months ago.Since then i have not started my assigned programs because of financial hardship. Now i want to start
I am a single mother of 2 children, i am not on any government assistance. I was working 2 jobs at the time, so it left me no time or money for my court ordered programs. its been 4 months since then and now i am only working 1 job. Which means money is still very tight, but now i have free time to start my programs.. I need to see the judge to clear my warrant and get the list of programs i need to complete. Is there any way they can reduce the cost of the programs? And if i go see the judge will the retain me right then & there? im worried that if i try to see the judge they'll keep me.
There is the probability that you may be taken into custody for the warrant(s). You need to seek the legal advice of...
I was ordered an IID for 2nd DUI by the court. How long after the date of court order do I have to install it in my vehicle?
Pretty self explanatory in the question. Was ordered on April 15 to have an IID installed for a year (per probation requirement for 2nd DUI). I just need to know how long I have to go get it done. I am making car/insurance arrangements and I also want to see what the outcome of my DMV hearing will be. (i.e. Whether they stay the suspension of my license). It was ordered out of Van Nuys courthouse.
If you were convicted of a 2nd time DUI you will have to sit out a 90 day hard suspension. Then you can get the IID...
Does refusing field sobriety tests in a DUI infer that I am guilty?
Long story short, got my second DUI and am thinking about hiring an attorney. Just curious if there are any cases or California case law that says the officer can have cause to arrest me for refusal of field sobriety tests, and whether that can infer that I am guilty. My blood eventually was over the limit. Any direction would be great....
No, it does not, and you may even refuse to submit to the field sobriety test. However your refusal to submit to the...
Is my father going to get deported for dui ?
My father was stopped for dui 2 months ago he has a attorney now and his attorney will appear for him next months stating that he is giuilty for misdemeanor dui with a 0.8 bca .He got stopped in a freeway but didn't cause any trouble .He just got stopped .He is a illegal immagrant what are the chances of deportation?It is his first dui with no criminal background.
If ICE does not have him held in custody that is a good start! A reduced charge of reckless driving would save him if...
I was unable to pay my dui fine and I believe their mite be a warrant for my arrest. how do I go about resolving this issue?
my 1st dui in orange ca. and I was recently ticketed for driving without a license. I am due back in court in august with a valid drivers license. what actions should I take?
Have someone pay the fine immediately. Hire an attorney to negotiate a way for you to resolve this warrant in front of...