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Can I get House Arrest? FOR 3 DUI in California
Hello, I am convicted of my 3 dui in Sonoma County California. I have a full time job in a winery as a Cellar Master. I have 2 kids 8,and 9 years old. The offer I got was Dui court. However this program will not work with my job situation since I am exposed to vino all day long. Is there another Jail Alternative? ?
Hmmmmmm, if you've been convicted, what does YOUR lawyer say about this?
Alternative writ of mandate against dmv
Can you as the petitioner lawyer file a motion to suppress a chemical refusal charge in a writ of mandate case against the dmv if there are enough grounds in the records and transcripts to do so before the date set for trial?
"Petition a lawyer". " DMV Writ" "suppression motions". " trial".... Asker... You've got just about everyone...
Is there still a record 30+ years later of my DUI or do you think I can "get away" with answering no.
I was charged and I think convicted of a misdemeanor DUI with special circumstances (my BAC was .23) in CA in about 1984. I no longer have any record of this incident nor have I been charged for any crime since. I plead no contest, it was my first offence, I was fined, required to go driver school and had 3 years probation. I am now applying for a health care program in CA where the application asks if I ever have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony.
You might want to try to petition the court to dismiss the case before applying for the job. Chances are the case will...
Do you think i can get the dui dismissed and the hit and run handled by my insurance in there court ?
i am charged with 23152 vc-dui [m] and 20002(a)vc-hit and run [m] no breath blood or urine tests performed on me and there are mistakes on where and when the accident happened also the date I'm to appear is 3/23/2015 on the ticket
There must be more to the story. It's never safe to assume a DUI will be dismissed. Retain an attorney. Be sure to...
What happens when a person is cited for a dui and the DA has lost the blood test results?
This is my second dui citation. It's been 3 months since my test results were missing. I appeared at every court date. Now I have been placed on probation without an arraignment. I have an alcohol ankle bracelet that is very painful. I am restricted from driving, must report to probation, and subject to warrantless searches and seizures. Further, I am subjected to random drug testing. Is this constitutional?
It seems like part of your story is missing... Did you plead guilty to a crime that required all of the things that...
Can I fire my public defender who is obviously over worked and request a state appointed attorney?
My public defender is not serving me well. She did not even remember me. This is my second DUI case. The offer from the DA, I feel, is throwing the book at me, so to speak. 23 days in jail. no alcohol whatsoever for three years, random search and seizure, random drug and alcohol testing, 18 months of dui classes, court fees totalling $2400, and a costly alcohol detecting device on my vehicle that I cannot drive anyway. I am a senior citizen weighing less than 100 lbs. My BAC was 0.17. My blood volumn is much lower than a 175 lb individual. Is there anything in the law to address size and weight issues?
Since you were assigned a public defender, it is assumed you cannot afford your own attorney. Those are your two...
Private or public defense
hit and run and dui both are misdemeanor the dui has no breath or blood test to backup the charge
With such little facts its hard to answer. Remember you get what you pay for. The public defender does not represent...