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How do I withdraw a DUI guilty plea in NY?
I was told that pleading guilty would not affect my NJ license. I recently received a letter from NJ DMV that my NJ license is also suspended.
Retain counsel to do a coram nobis motion under NY CLP 440 for ineffective assistance of counsel.
NJ took drivers lic because of a dw impaired in ny how can I get my lic back sooner than 90 days so I do not loose my job
DA in ny said nothing should happen to my drivers license in NJ....Jersey now took my license for 90 days and I am suppose to start a new job. How can I get my license back sooner than 90 days so I do not loose this job. NY DA said she will not reduce the charge after I told her what happened to me in NJ. I have a clean driving record and nothing like this has ever happened to me. I do not want to loose my home..etc.....
Answer: You will need to request an administrative hearing before the Motor Vehicle Commission. Explanation: A...
Nursing school DUI, NJ?
Hello, I have just been accepted to an RN program in Nj, which is where I reside. I received a dui about 5 years ago in WV. I went into a first timers program, which in exchange allowed the charges to be dismissed and I am now eligible to have it expunged. (Working on that now) My school is currently doing a background check. My question is if this charge shows up on my record, will the hospitals/school that I am doing rotations at prevent me from participating because of this charge? Thank you in advance
This question is better answered by someone who addresses professional licensing issues. I have reposted your question...
I received a 2nd DUI recently in New Jersey. Would it beneficial for my case if I started attending A.A. before court begins?
I received a 2nd DUI and I am looking to do anything to help receive a favorable outcome in the end. I just wanted to know if some prosecutors or judges would take going to A.A. right after the arrest into account and might even help reduce some penalties.
The number one thing you can do to help your case is to get the best attorney you can. If you are found guilty there...
I got a dwi and a dwi in a school zone that I passed while driving and 2 other tickets
So basically I get arrested and charged with a dwi while driving home. I have smoked weed in my car but that was 2 hours before I even started driving. The cop arrests me and says I'm driving under influence of drugs which I wasn't.
These are serious charges. You need a lawyer to go through the paperwork and try to get these charges dismissed.
What happens if my x boyfriend denies a DNA test?
My first boyfriend is telling me that if I do a court order for a DNA test he would not appear
Your ex-boyfriend can do so at his own peril. To properly answer your questions and address your concerns, the best way...
Hello, Can I qualify for unemployment due to dui BUT cannot be moved to non-driving position do to work place injury??
Hi I got a dui in Jan 2017. This is in New jersey Got a lawyer, license suspended for 3 months Due to my driving position I lost my job. I was offered another non- driving position in the warehouse but because I am on light duty I cannot do that job as well, thus I was let go. In feb 2016 I suffered an work related injury that required neck surgery I have a pending lawsuit against the property owner of location that I got hurt at as well as my employer. I was denied unemployment do to misconduct via the dui. Do I have a case that if not for a work related injury I would still be employed ?? If so I am looking to appeal the decision. Thank you for your time reading this and any and all advice is welcomed!!! Times is really bad now and finiding out I was denied is really putting a strain on me Thank you!
You need to speak to a comp lawyer and soon. There is no up front fee and fee is contingent. Call tomorrow, first tjing.