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Can my son be arrested for DUI after vehicle accident even if blood test does not show anything? It's been two months already.
My son was involved in a car accident and the car was totaled. His friend, a passenger with him, was slightly injured but going to be okay. My son, nor his friend, can remember what happened. They had gone to a bar with friends and my son said he only had two drinks. It was late at night by the time they left the bar to drive home. My son thinks he might have fallen asleep. The police report says he sped through a red light, lost control of the car, and caused damage to a house before slamming into a tree. His blood test has come back (results unknown) but no arrest yet. He and all of his friends have been questioned by the police but the detective thinks they are not telling him the whole story. Can my son be arrested for DUI or something else even if the blood test is negative?
If the blood test comes back negative for alcohol or drugs, then he can't be charged for a DUI. However, he can still...
I was arrested for a DUI with a bac of.08%. Is there a good chance i can get this reduced to a wet reckless driving?
I have a clean record; no traffic violation tickets and no prior arrests. I was cooperative when the officers pulled me over. My arrest was under the jurisdiction of LA County.
Sure, it's possible. You'll still need to tango with the DMV and set a hearing within 10 days or your arrest. This...
Approx. 22 years ago I received a DUI in Wisconsin. Afterwards I moved away and did not pay any fines that were associated with
Approx. 22 years ago I received a DUI in Wisconsin. Afterwards I moved away and did not pay any fines that were associated with this. To be honest, I did not even know that fines were levied (young and dumb). The DUI was under my married (at the time) name. I now live in CA and have received a letter, followed up with a phone call, from the Waukesha County Collection Division demanding almost $4000. During the phone call they requested that I verify my name, DOB and SSN, I did not comply.The letter states that they are prepared to sue, etc.Is there any way out if this?
Ah, computers and data mining. You are not going to resolve this without retaining local Wisconsin counsel to defend...
Can someone that has gotten 3 DUI and reckless driven get 50/50 custody of my son
My soon to be ex husband got arrested for a DUI open container and reckless driving and when he was in there I found out that he has a girlfriend for more then a year I think they were even making plains on getting married but I never knew anything until she called to tell me to help bail him out now that I'm getting the divorce my husband is asking 50/50 legal custody but has told me that he would give it all if I go with his way I don't agree in letting him spend the night with my son and don't agree with letting him go out of state to be with him for a mouth and he treated me to take him and even leave the country not sure what I should do cus he said I can never prove it and then txt me that he won't take him from me that he is a responsible father and a good guy and is sticking to it
This question isn't particularly clear. All this author can state is that, in general, courts look to a number of...
DUI-Finished the classes,paid my court fees,Just didn't do community service Sentenced 34 days,Is It likely to get 10 percent?
Is 10 percent still an active deal, In the county jails? LA COUNTY to be exact?
If you are committed on 37 days in LA County you probably would be out in one day maybe two
I was arrested for a dui and under the influince of controlled substance
I was arrested for a dui and under the influince of controlled substance on top of that i already had a suspended license i was cite released the next morning i had never ever been arrested before so i am jus curious as to what i might be faceing? This happened in Montclair California
First, you need to hire the best criminal defense lawyer you can find or, if you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, apply...
I am a firefighter that received a dui not in a class B vehicle, on a motorcycle. will my license be revoked for a whole year?
will my license only be revoked for the 30 days? ive heard many conflicting stories.
Unfortunately, you are at very serious risk of losing your Class B driving privilege for 1 year. This is a law I have...