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I got my 2nd dwi in N.Y. I pled guilty. What's the likelihood of moving to South Carolina while under 5 years probation?
I had a choice of 3 years at TASC or 5 years probation. I chose TASC because my lawyer mistakenly told me that it was inpatient at less time. As my house is in foreclosure and I wasn't sentenced yet I want to take the probation instead as my family lives in South Carolina and I'm told that it's possible to get transferred there. My lawyer says that there's no guarantees but he's willing to go before the judge and change it to immediate probation. I'm retired and living on Social Security which I know will not be enough money to stay in N.Y. once my house is gone. As of yesterday I was offered deed-in-lieu which according to my other lawyer is a sum of money to vacate the premises within a certain time frame. PLEASE give me your thoughts about my situation.
I'm "moving" your question to a better category. The word "moving" sent the question to Landlord and Tenant.
If I apply for and am granted a conditional license in New York, will my employer be notified?
In August of 2017, I was arrested for a DUI in Florida but live in New York state. I am expecting that we will plead guilty to the DUI in Florida and once/if New York State DMV is notified, I will have to apply for a conditional license in New York State. My question is, once I apply for and am granted a conditional license in New York, will my employer be notified? This is my first DUI conviction and I do not have any previous violations on my record to-date.
I would say it's unlikely that your employer would find out you were issued a conditional license. That said what kind...
How do I get my bac from a past dwi?
I'm going through the screening process for a federal job. I need to get arrest notes, including bac from a dwi I got in 2007. I also need proof of completion of the drinking driving course I had to take.
Check with defense counsel, court and/police agency. Also, see if your drivers abstract reflects completion of course...
I was arrested for DWI in Suffolk County. I am a teacher. Can I lose my job?
I was arrested in Suffolk County. I went to court and was assigned an 18b attorney. He is trying to have the charge reduced to a violation because this is my first offense and I have a clean record. I am a teacher an I have received a letter in the mail that my employer would be contacted and that my fingerprints would be placed on hold pending the outcome of my case. I'm terrified I may lose my job because of this. What should I do?
I would recommend speaking to your assigned 18b attorney about any concerns you have related to your case. Your...
Someone wrote a statement on me while i am going through a dwi case what could happen?
Going through dwi case found out someone wrote a statement saying I threatened them but it never happened
We do not know what the statement says? We do not know who has been given a copy of the statement? We do not know if it...
Can I put in a petition to have the interlock device removed?
I’ve been sentenced to 3 years probation. I’ve completed 1 year so far. I’ve had the interlock deviced installed for one year already. Never had a fail, pass all drug test, from probabtion and the 6 month program I was mandated to do. Is there anything I can do to have it removed before my probation term is over.
I suggest you review CPL 410.20 at:
Prior dwai violation conviction, now charged with an aggravated dwi in nys, possible outcomes?
I was charged with a dwi in the past 2 years and it was dropped to dwai following community service etc, now ive been charged with an aggravated dwi (.26). I have successfully completed a 28 inpatient substance rehab, am continuing with outpatient treatment twice a week and have taken the vivitrol injection. (Shot that aids in alcohol recovery)..nothing has been mandated by the judge as both inpatient and outpatient have been suggested by my counsel. What am I realistically looking at as far as conviction considering the completion of the 28 day program and contributes treatment?
I am assuming this matter is in Suffolk County. If you plead guilty to the charge, you are realistically looking at 3...