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  • Police release photos of car used in Montague armed ...

    Wednesday Sep 16 | via New Jersey Herald 

    New Jersey State Police are asking for the public's assistance in identifying a man who brandished a gun during an armed robbery attempt at the Gulf gas station on Route 23 in Montague in late August. According to police, at 4:20 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 25, the suspect requested a cash fuel purchase at the station.


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  • Sparta crash sends two to hospital

    Wednesday Sep 16 | via New Jersey Herald 

    A motorist exiting the Sparta Athletic Club failed to yield to oncoming traffic on Sparta Avenue early Tuesday afternoon, resulting in a front-impact collision with another vehicle that sent both drivers to the hospital, police said. Gaetana Senatore, 78, of Wyckoff, allegedly failed to stop before turning left and attempted to cross over to the eastbound lane of Sparta Avenue shortly after 1 p.m. As she was doing so, the left front end of her vehicle allegedly made impact with the right front end of the vehicle driven by Sarah Klinger, 27, of Newton, whose westbound vehicle was then sent spinning across the median and into the eastbound portion of the road where it became disabled.


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  • Sussex County Prosecutor's Office

    Aug 10, 2015 | via The Advertiser News (South) 

    Over a period of two days in August 2013, the defendant broke into several vehicles in Montague and Wantage taking various items from the vehicles. He admitted to unlawfully possessing an assault rifle on March 23 in Hamburg.


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Montague Law

Does the NY DDP satisfy NJ IDRC class?
I am a NJ licensed driver who was convicted of a NY DWAI. I have completed my full 7 weeks of NY DDP classes and went to an OASIS evaluation. I have also been told I need to attend a NJ IDRC. Do I need to attend the NJ classes?
Who told you? If NJ Motor Vehicle Commision sends you a letter, then you have to go. However, make sure you have...
The NJ DMV law says I need a breath analyzer when my license is restored, do I still need that device if I dont have a car?
I would like to restore my license and then move to Florida and transfer my license there. I can use public transportation while I save up to buy a car.
If you don;t have a car, obviously you can't install one. However, until you get one, I believe they won't restore...
I got a dui in NJ. I had to get an interlock device during my suspension. Do i have to get it again after i get my license back?
The judge only told me i had to have the interlock on my car for six months but did not mention anything about having to get it again after my license is reinstated.
Unfortunately Yes. The N J law was written thinking conditional licenses would be available. That law never was enacted....
Does a Laurick motion lower suspension time or only jail time?
I plead guilty to a dwi in 1989. I was charged with a dwi in 2008 and refusal in 2013, but was granted a Laurick motion for the 1989 conviction. I did not have to go to jail thank god, but am trying to put my life back in order, not easy to do without a license. Is there a way to have the Laurick order apply to my suspension (2 years vs 10 years)?
Yes a Laurick Motion relates to the jail portion of the sentence not to the loss of license.
Hi... In New Jersey if you are convicted of a 2nd DUI, is there a mandatory jail term or is that up to the judge? Thanks, Mac
I had some wine and drove to work at 10 am. While parking I dented the car next to me. I was arrested on DUI.
A second DWI carries a mandatory 2 - 90 days in jail, though often two days at the IDRC are substituted for the two...
I would like to know what my possible charges could be for a DWI, refusal to take a breathalyzer, and a careless driving ticket?
I received a DWI ticket, a refusal to take a breathalyzer ticket, and a careless driving ticket in the state of NJ recently. I was given a field sobriety test, which I failed, but I have read that they could be disregarded in court. There is currently no evidence that I was drinking and driving other than the above and that the cop received a complaint call. I currently work as a Teacher Aide and plan to do AmeriCorps in the state of Colorado in January for a year then get my master's in teaching, which will take two years (also in Colorado). I am very nervous that this will stay on my record and it could jeopardize my career path. I would like to know what my possible charges could be, and with my future plans, as long as I take the proper classes, if I can get a conditional license etc.
You are correct that the DWI charge can be beaten if the SFTS where not performed properly, the refusal is another...
First time to be convinced for AUI, i do have a court appointment today evening, and i don't have an attorney,
i came to USA for internship a year and half ago, and don't know what gonna happen, specially i cannot live with no car considering i do have a baby who was born her year ago, and my wife has no license and cannot even drive and never drive before, so if my license suspended, i cannot go to my work and my like won't be survive
Your question is a bit unclear. Have you already been convicted of a DUI or just charged with it? You should get an...