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  • Man accused of shooting deer in Los Angeles suburb

    Tuesday Nov 7 | via KTVN Reno 

    Prosecutors have charged a man allegedly caught on camera shooting a deer with a bow and arrow within a suburban foothill community in Southern California. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said Monday that Michael Rodriguez faces charges including discharge of a deadly weapon within 150 yards of an occupied dwelling and possession of wildlife taken unlawfully.


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  • Man who shot, killed deer in Monrovia to face crimin...

    Monday Nov 6 | via San Gabriel Valley Tribune 

    The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office charged a Duarte man Monday in connection with the fatal shooting of a deer in Monrovia Sept. 14. Michael Jackson Rodriguez, 33, was charged with one felony count of procuring and offering a false or forged instrument and three misdemeanor counts for discharge of a deadly weapon within 150 yards of an occupied dwelling, possession of wildlife taken unlawfully and shooting a bow and arrow within Monrovia.


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Monrovia Law

My husband got sentence 300 days for driving with out a license. How much time do you think he will serve ?
He has 9 driving with a suspension license and didn't show up to court twice
The most he can serve is 150 days. How much of that he will serve is hard to say since he has a bad history. The...
My husband got sentence on August 22 to 300 days . would he do all that time ? How much longer would he do ?
Driving with out license
He should do no more than 150 days it about five months. Probably less. When he gets out, help him figure out what he...
My son got pulled over going in to a drive thorough in Monrovia ca they had him do the sobriety test and then took him to the st
My son got pulled over going in to a drive thorough in Monrovia ca they had him do the sobriety test and then took him to the station and he blew 0.082 and got him for dui first one they impounded his car is this right
The police typically impound the car when they arrest its driver for DUI. Your son needs a criminal defense attorney...
DUI--- Assuming I have a public defender- is he going to represent me at the court hearing ?
Does it mean that he or she will be responding to the questions instead of me?
Public defenders cannot represent you at DMV hearings but they can represent you during your court proceeding.
My 20 year old son was pulled over in Dutchess County, NY. He had passengers and was on the way home from a concert. His BAC was
.09. He told me he received a citation but was not arrested. He said he was advised to get a NY driver's license (his is from CA) or his license could be suspended for 6 months. He said it's not considered a felony or a misdemeanor. The police went to his house and he was not taken in. He was very shaken up -- is any of what he said true?? He has a court date 5/1. Thanks.
You are probably better off posting this under the New York state forum. Since this happened outside of the state of...
I'm going to court for my 1st DUI, i was on a suspended license and involved in an accident what can i expect?
I blew an 0.89 and they took a blood test. I drove off a freeway embankment, i didn't hurt anyone, i was by myself.
Depending on the alleged facts, the DA, the court, etc. you could be looking at mandatory minimums but it is also...
My friend got arrested in Tempe Arizona it was his 3rd DUI he is still on probation for his second DUI in California
He was arrested in Tempe Arizona on his third DUI, bail was et at 1800, bailed him out, he still has not been summoned back to court to be convicted however the bail money was sent back to me. Has he been charged with anything yet? He is coming back to California to appear in front of the judge for his second DUI because he has not been attending classes since he moved to Arizona. He wants to ask for a leave of absence while he finishes the temp Job that he got in Arizona, will the 3rd DUI show up? Can he be arrested?
Most states have reciprocity laws so odds are high the DUI arrest in AZ will make it to California. California &...