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I got into a car accident 2 weeks ago. It was early morning and I was tired because I suffer from sleeping problems. A car swerved into my lane, and to avoid from hitting them, I hit a wooden utility pole. The airbags deployed and front bumper was damaged. The cops came and breathalyzed 2-3 times and I blew 0.00 every time. However, they were unconvinced that I wasn't "on something" and even proceeded to ask my friend at the scene whether or not I did drugs through the span of our friendship. They wrote me for an "unsafe turn" infraction traffic ticket and let me go home. I am concerned with the fact that I may be falsely charged with DUI/DWI, and with the fact that I cannot seem to search up my case for the traffic ticket online anywhere.
Highly unlikely with your 0.00 BAC, however, spend a couple hundred bucks for a local traffic court lawyer to fight the...
He was arrested in Tempe Arizona on his third DUI, bail was et at 1800, bailed him out, he still has not been summoned back to court to be convicted however the bail money was sent back to me. Has he been charged with anything yet? He is coming back to California to appear in front of the judge for his second DUI because he has not been attending classes since he moved to Arizona. He wants to ask for a leave of absence while he finishes the temp Job that he got in Arizona, will the 3rd DUI show up? Can he be arrested?
Most states have reciprocity laws so odds are high the DUI arrest in AZ will make it to California. California &...
9 years ago in colorado, I received a dui with a Ca License, went to court in Colorado and paid fees. I lost my license 1yr ago and when i renewed, they suspended it cause colorado had a hold on it, because i didn't reinstate driving previliges with them, so i took care of I had to replace another license cause it was stolen. Now I recieve letter from Ca's been suspended they are stating i need to take dui classes and file sr22..9 years later....i have a had license in Ca for the past nine years and this just came up. Is there a statue of limiations on this?
There is no statute of limitations on this, and the suspension order and school requirement is standard. It may be...
The court wants to charge something like 10 dollars for every hour they are issuing me to do. Is there a way to bypass that and still be able to preform my service hours?
No you need to go through the court's referral system otherwise you will not get credit for your community service.
I was charged with dui a year or so ago. During the time of my arrest, I was not read my maranda Rights, put it cuffs and taken straight to jail. During my first hearing, my attorney says I have not case cause I could not prove it. Well how can they, the cops, prove they did but I can't prove they didn't? Is it know to late to bring this point up since it has been a while already or is this something that I may still have to use to my advantage. What I did was completely wrong yes, but I did and still do have rights. Do I have options here?
"[D]uo"? What is that? In any event, there is no cause of action against anyone for failure to read Miranda Rights....
I blew an 0.89 and they took a blood test. I drove off a freeway embankment, i didn't hurt anyone, i was by myself.
Depending on the alleged facts, the DA, the court, etc. you could be looking at mandatory minimums but it is also...
Title 17 of CA Regulation says: "2 separate breath samples which result in determinations of breath alcohol concentrations which do not differ from each other by more than 0.02 grams per 210 liters." is it necessary for these two samples to be registered from one test? The machine print out was insufficient sampling. Subject Data Report shows that I had to perform two separate tests and the machine only obtained one sample on every try, therefore giving insufficient sample print out twice. Results are .037 and .044 . Once again , the officer had to enter my name twice on the machine. he entered the name once, I tried to perform the test and the machine gave insufficient sample print out. They then did this again and it was again an insufficient sample.
While it appears that you offered a lot of information, its not all that's needed. It often is claimed that the person...