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I am wondering if I am 18, and I was not breathalyzed, is it possible to get a UAD?
I was at a party and it was busted, but no one was breathalyzed. We all received disorderly conducts.
Were you driving? Pennsylvania has a “zero tolerance” policy when for underage drinking and driving. Even the slightest...
Did not send in my PA license after a DUI in Maryland. Had no idea it I was required to until I received a letter from PennDOT.
1n 0. Stated today has sent numerous letters to my home requesting my license to be sent in. I was living in Baltimore at the time and they had sent the letters to my mothers house in Pennsylvania that was sold four years prior. In addition to sending the letters to someone else is home my mother had passed away in the meantime. Now pen. Is requiring 4 more months of suspension which would make it one year from the incident. In addition to that they are requiring I have installed in ignition device for an additional year. at that time of the incident I was traveling to and from Baltimore Maryland to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania as part of my job responsibilities as a project manager for a construction company with various projects in both states. this coming week I serred my one Year Suspens
Send the license in. If you failed to update your address, you must bear the consequences of not receiving notice at...
How long should I expect to lose my license in PA for a 3rd dui? is there any type of license that an attorney can ask for
after a period of time as this could severely affect my employment with the same job I've had for 5 years. I'm hearing an 18 month suspension for a habitual so to speak...
If you are convicted, as a tier 1 you will lose your license for 12 months. A tier 2 or 3 (blood alcohol above .10,...
I recently got a DUI in pa. I had one 15 years ago in pa and had ard. Would i qualify for ard again?
I have no other prior arrests
That depends on many factors. Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case, your options and...
Hello, my fiance was just charged with a DUI. His preliminary hearing is today and we don't have a lawyer or public defender.
His bac was only .02 over the legal limit, yes still considered drunk driving, but the charges he received in the mail seem to be a little ridiculous. Won't they normally get dropped at the preliminary hearing if the judge believes he wasn't that intoxicated? Either way what's going to happen when we get in front of the judge with no lawyer or pd?
Bad idea to proceed without an attorney. Judge may dismiss some charges if the judge believes that there was no...
Can I be convicted of a DUI if I was not in the car?
Charged with a DUI but I was not in the car when the cops arrived nor did I have possession of the keys. Not involved in an accident . Cops came because of a fight.
Maybe. There is not enough information to know the answer to that question. The Commonwealth would have to prove that...
I am out on bond and then was charged for dui will be arrested at DUI court for bond violation will they know help????
Out on bond and was charge for DUI I don't wanna go to jail
Now, know or no? Confusing question. Has the bond been revoked because of the new charge. Hire an attorney to find out.