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Arrested in IL for DUI. I am a Wisconsin resident with 2 priors in WI (9 and 20) yrs ago. How will IL plea effect WI?
Was pulled over by officer for failure to signal turn. Was arrested for DUI, failed field test and blew .15 on breath test. Should I hire counsel licensed both in IL and WI for Jo Daviess county IL and what may happen in WI if convicted in IL.
if Illinois picks up on those WI offenses through the National Registry (which applies even thou WI Is not a member of...
Can someone help me with my DUI
I have a DUI from 2012 and wanted to reopen the case so was looking for help if anyone was willing to help and would really appreciate it.
Whether or not this is even possible would depend on a number of factors. Did you plea guilty or found guilty at trial?...
Can I get a CDL with 2 dui if I were able to get them expunged?
Need to get a Cdl for a job. Have 2 dui, one is over 10 years old but after September, 1995. The other is 7 years old.
The Department of Transportation will tell you if you can obtain a CDL. That is purely administrative. Good luck to you.
DUI license reinstatement
License revoked in Alaska for 3rd DUI in 10yrs on 12/23/2008. I have successfully completed a court ordered therapeutic court program on 12/03/2009. I have changed my address to and receive mail in WI where I will be moving shortly to take care of my father. I know Alaska has a lifetime revocation with ability to reapply in 10yrs granted no additional DWLS/R. My question is, since I have completed a intensive court ordered treatment program and have been free of any legal/license issues going on 9yrs since my revocation in Alaska, will I be able to obtain a unrestricted WI DL? I believe I have met the requirements and more in regards to WI driving laws. Thank you and look forward to a little information on this so I can take the steps to move forward.
Not likely. If you don't hold a WI license, I don't believe the DOT will issue you a WI occupational license. To get a...
Need help securing a lawyer for a DUI during an out of state work trip.
My boyfriend was in Wisconsin for work and got a dui. He had a previous one 3 years ago in California. He needs a lawyer but is also not exactly sure what he is being charged. It doesn't look like it's on any of the cites. Any advice?
Consult with a lawyer in Wisconsin. Start with one who is experienced in DUI/OWI cases.
Sons dad is a 5 time dui felon. Fighting me with custody.
My sons dad and I split up over a year ago, he is on probation due to drinking and driving. Still drinks. Operates a vehicle on a daily basis alothough he has no license until 2020. Towards me verbal/physical abuse. Is threatening me with 50/50 custody. I have proof via text/pictures/and family and friends of the parole breaks. Also his family hardly sees our son...or puts much effort. Our son frankly does not know them. Should I be worried he would have any chance to see our son by himself? What are the steps that I need to take to protect my son from an unstable parent.
get an attorney immediately. it is likely he will get some visitation (though maybe supervised)
My boyfriend got his third owi. His last owi was 13 years ago, and he wants to know if he will do jail time?
My boyfriend swirved for a deer and was stuck in a ditch. A cop showed up on the scene, but did not see him in the vehicle or driving. He was arrested with his 3rd owi. His last owi was 13 years ago. What are the chances he will have to do jail time and can he fight this?
If he is convicted he will definitely do jail time, as there is a mandatory minimum. He is also facing license loss,...