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I was arrested for a dui but not booked. No blood was taken and I was released 1 hr after my arrest. will I be charged?
I was arrested at the scene of incident where I had run into a sign. The roads were slick and I was not speeding however he officer noticed I was inroxicated. I did compily to a breath analysis and blew over the limit. I was arrested but let go an hour later. A few days following I decided to to a search in the Snohomish county database for those that were arrested and released over the same weekend I was. My name had not come up. Will I be charged?
Yes you will be charged. The is a delay in charging sometimes, but give the situation you described you will be charged....
In single car accident, blew 3X times legal limit, not arrested, went to hospital. Told ticket in mail will I b charged w/DUI?
I was in a car accident by myself and went off the road and hit a telephone pole. Sheriff said I blew 3X the legal alcohol limit. I was taken to hospital in ambulance. Sheriff said he was going to give me a break and not arrest me, said I would be receiving a $500.00 ticket in the mail. Will I still be charged with a DUI or will the ticket be for something other than a DUI charge?
Given the facts that you describe it is possible that you could be charged with DUI. You were involved in a single car...
How much will a dui lawyer cost me?
This is my first dui and I'm interested in knowing how much a lawyer would cost me
Anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000. Price varies a lot, so does skill. Price is not always correlated with how good the...
I received third dui. My previous two dui’s were 30 min apart from one another deferred both. Why does the diversion not count?
I defered the double dui. Passed all 5 years wit flying colors. Now they are saying I have 3 dui’s with new charge. This third one is passed the 7 years. I blew ,074. Also crashed my car. No one else involved I do not understand the “diversion” situation if it just totally counts anyway why did I pay all that money and everything. Does the deversion benefit me AT ALL??
A deferred prosecution is not designed to be a free pass. The legislature recognized that alcoholism and mental health...
Will i have a suspended license or go to jail?
Was in an accident that only involved me, failed sobriety test, insured, valid license, I have had two tickets before this, and they blood tested me at the hospital
What happens to you depends on the specific facts that you should not be posting on a public forum such as here....
What sentence could I get when I was accused of dui and they found baggies that use to have meth in them in my stuff at jail?
I crashed my car, no one else involved. I was arrested for dui. I deferred a double dui 7 years ago. I did not blow at scene. At police station I blew .074. Later at the jail they found a cigarette box with several used baggies with meth residue and i peed positive for meth. I had only used meth one time and it was 2 days prior. The baggies were not mine but I have no proof of that. The officer said due to the totality if the events he determined I was impaired on alcohol. My car was totaled. No one hurt. Thank you
The prosecutor can still charge you with DUI even if you don't blow a .08 or higher, first because there is a variance...
I pulled off the freeway, parked my car and turned it off to sleep. The police arrested me for DUI, how should I proceed?
I was moving about a hundred miles away one direction and this was the third trip I had made that day, so nearly 600 miles, along with un/loading the car. I was diagnosed with a concussion less than 2 weeks prior to this happening. I offered to provide a portable breathalyzer to one of the three officers that I was awoke by when using my sirens. I was asleep in my car, with the vehicle legally parked on the side of the off ramp in a safe location. I decided I needed to get some sleep when I started to hit the rumble strips. The primary officer detained me for 5 hour in the back of his vehicle while he attempted to get a warrant to draw my blood, which he was denied each time. After spending 5 hours in the back of his cop car, he continued to impound my vehicle, and book me on dui, without any blood draw or breathalyzer. I strongly feel that my civil rights were violated during this arrest. I have a public defender that is handling the case, however I believe that there should be a civil case that should be somewhat easily settled or won due to the misconduct of the Washington State Trooper. Should I attempt to find a civil attorney that can either defend the DUI, and/or partner up?
You should recode this to DUI law rather than traffic. An attorney experienced in DUI's may be able to provide you...