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Order to appear 3 years after incident
I was in an accident over 3 years ago. Last week I was mailed an order to appear regarding the charge of DUI. At the time I was over the limit and needed some medical attention. I was never arrested. Now I'm being asked to report to be booked and appear at an arraignment. I'm freaking out now. My life has changed so much in the 3 past years and I don't even know what to do now if I'm facing a serious sentence. Do I have any case for getting this dismissed?
There is no 3 year statute of limitation for pursuing criminal charges if that is what you are asking. You need to...
My mom was pulled over for a dui with a bac of .17 She needs rehab will they give it to her?
My mom has a big drinking problem and has been driving drunk for a long time. This is her first offense and she needs an inpatient rehab program. The offense happened in monroe county michigan. She is currently waiting in jail for her arraignment tomorrow.
As part of the sentence for any drinking and driving conviction, there is the possibility of counseling or...
How do you get your license back after 15 years?
Cousin lost license about 15 years ago - never bothered to reinstate - needs them back because she and her driver have health issues and need doctors... they can't blow into a machine - and those machines weren't even required when she lost her license - How can she get them back without a blow machine that she can't afford and neither can blow into?
It will depend on all of the circumstances. She will have to be able to prove at least for the last few years she has...
Will I get Jail Time For A DUI With a .13% BAC?
I was going home after leaving the bar and i bumped the curb i'm pretty sure i didn't hop it, i was pulled over not long after that by a local sheriff's deputy and a state police officer. I was told someone had called and reported me but judging by the time it took them to get there it wasn't reported at all. I passed the majority of the sobriety tests including the alphabet and following the officers pen but i could not perform the balance tests, which i told the officer i've had balance problems and can provide documentation stating so. How should I prepare to go to court with the stated information and will I be facing jail time? Also this is my first offense in the state of michigan.
First off, you should consult and contact an attorney about this case. There may be some things that can be done in an...
I was driving my friend around while he was drunk in his car and rearended somebody. Am i responsible to pay for my friends car?
We were on spring break. My friend was drunk so i drove his car. I accidently rearended somebody. and now he expects me to pay for his car
There is a great chance that you could ultimately be financially responsible for this incident - especially if there is...
I have full physical custody and shared legal custody of my children. Their mother's boyfriend is a drunk.
The boyfriend has a history of domestic violence as well as drunk and disorderly, b/e and many others. Is there anything I can do to ensure that he cannot pick up my children from school? I do not want my children in danger. Thanks
Get a local attorney that understands family law. You have two fronts you can fight this on. Most schools have very...
DUI situation is difficult. DUI conviction is the state of Ohio. License for 6 mon from 5/20 to 11/17.
I live 2 miles over Mi line. Was told license would be valid in Mi. Receive susp for Mi for 30 days no priv. Ohio restrictive susp comp 6/2. The suspensions now start with Mich 7/13. No work for 1 month. How can I appeal with the Secretary of State quickly. I literally do everything in Ohio, work, dr's etc.. I don't have right to appeal because I live just over mi line?
You probably want to consult with a DUI attorney who is licensed in both states. This sound like a serious headache....