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If dui conviction affected job and work visa, the convict has no choice but to leave the country. how can he leave on probation?
DUI has affected job and hence work visa, but how can he leave without completing probation as he is soon going to be out of status? He completed all requirements of probation and requested early termination of probation but the court denied it. Now soon the immigration will come after him and deport him?
Not necessarily if I'm the Alcohol Education Program. If it's a dui conviction I strongly recommend you seek the advice...
Does this count as my second or first dui offense or conviction?
I was arrested for a dui back in February 2011 with a BAC of .10 I took the classes, did community service, paid fines. when I went to the last court date the judge told me my case was dropped or dismissed. Now on Friday in 2017 I got arrested again for a DUI with a BAC of .22 I had left the bar embarrassed because i slipped on a wet floor. I know it's not an excuse. But now I'm not sure if this will count as my first offense or my second. I know things have changed a lot since I was in court last. I'm very scared. Please let me know asap. Thank you
Inasmuch as it is within 10 years since the Alcohol Education Program was granted to yo , this will be your First...
How to inform home state of out of state DUI?
I am a CT resident and got a DUI in AZ. My CT license is currently valid and I understand that CT will be informed of the DUI. As part of the AZ court order (not ordered by AZ MVD) I need to have an interlock installed for 12 months which is being installed now. My concern is that CT will find out in a year and then also require me to install an interlock doubling the amount of time I will have it or at the very least will come up upon renewal of my license in 5 years. I am looking for guidance on what my options may be and/or how I can bring it to CT's attention now so I can reduce the amount of additional time I could have an interlock. I am not trying to avoid it, just trying to get it done now and not have it come up later in life.
All you can do is call the licensing authority and they'll likely ignore you.
Can i join the marines with a drunk and dissorderly misdemeanor?
I very badly want to join the Marines. i was arrested when i was 18 now I'm 21 and want to make a serious change and show the marine core that i am a strong competitive person who wants to improve their life.
Best bet is to get an expungement and apply for college instead of getting blown up by an IUD if Afghanistan
Can i avoid jail time in ct for a second dwi wich actually was the first in ct
I got my second dwi in ct but my prior was in ny and they said i got to do mandatory jail time is there a chance to avoid it?
Many times people are told there is "mandatory jail time" but as with most charges that is something that can be...
How can I reverse a denial Of coverage (on appeal) for an experimental drug ordered by my doctor?
My doctor referred me for a blood test without divulging it was an experimental test and AETNA is denying my claim based on it being experimental. My doctor (urologost) recommended this specific test after I was diagnosed with cancer following a year of increasing PSA tests (via 4 previous blood tests) prior deciding if a biopsy would be necessary. Based on previous testing (systoscapy sp?) I was at risk for complications from a more invasive test...this particular blood test would eliminate the more invasive test unless absolutely necessary.
There must be procedures for an appeal with the insurance company. You should get a copy and follow them. You should...
I have a dui in new York I live in Connecticut what if I stop going to court?
I live in Connecticut I have dui charge in New York what if I stop going to court. By the way I don't plan on driving or stepping foot in New York ever again what will be my consequences.
Typically if you fail to appear for court they issue a warrant for your arrest. You should speak with a lawyer about...