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I got a citation in the mail from a officer that never saw me drive can i still be convicted of a 1543b
My wife was pulled over for a DUI by an of duty cop,in his own vehical,he called for back up and two cop cars showed up,the arrested my wife and asked if i had a lic i gave them a ny and they gave me the keys.and the officer that pulled my wife over and one of the two cop cars left to take my wife to jail while i was standing out side of the truck so he never saw me drive the 1 remaining cop car was behind me when I pulled the truck off the road,but he isnt the one whom wrote the citation can I beet this??
If I'm understanding the gist of your situation, the only operation of the vehicle by you was pulling it off the road...
I got a disorderly conduct citation at my home I was drunk should I plead guilty ?
Disorderly conduct citation at my home I was drunk . Should I plead guilty. I do not have job and don't have money they want me to pay
You cannot be found guilty of Disorderly Conduct in your own house. You should retain an attorney and fight the case....
What kind of action can I take against a verbally abusive officer?
A police officer upon suspicion of underage drinking was interrogating me. He asked me a question that I did truly not know the answer to. Since I could not answer, he verbatim said to me "Stop acting like a retard." I called the officer out on being unprofessional and rude, and he then arrested me for calling him out. I tried to rectify the situation and clear up any misunderstandings, stating that the word "retard" was offensive to me, and was told "Well don't act like a retard and I wont call you one." Also the officer attempted to breathalyze me, in which I failed to properly blow into the breathalyzer on the first try. I have never used on before, regardless he shouted at me "You are really pissing me off!" What action can I take towards this officer?
You can file a complaint, but that is unlikely to go anywhere. The fact is that your situation is not unique. If you...
Will my insurance drop me? (default my loan) Legally, can my credit union repossess the car because of dui suspension?
I got a dui over the summer and was charged and pled guilty by the courts. I will be surrendering my license in a few weeks for a period of 90 days. I have a car loan and insurance. Will my insurance drop me? (Which would obviously default my loan) Also, if my insurance does not drop me and it stays active, legally can my credit union repossess the car because of the dui license suspension? Just curious if that would be considered a default of a loan.
You can always find a cheaper insurance company online
Can an expunged underage be removed from my driver's record?
I received an Underage Drinking charge my senior year of high school, and before I turned 21 I completed the process of having it expunged (my license was suspended 90 days and I took a class). All seemed well. Now upon reviewing my driver's record, the violation is still there. Why was it not removed once the expungement was completed, and is it it possible to have it removed now?
It appears to me that you are talking about two entirely different matters, a criminal record, and a driving record....
Am I given credit for my PA DL suspension for dui while I'm on house arrest or does H.A. need completed before credit is given?
Am I given credit for my driver's license suspension for a dui while I'm on house arrest in Pennsylvania or does house arrest need to be completed before credit is given?
Unless the judge specifies otherwise, you should be given credit for your DL suspension on the date that you surrender...
What should I expect at a hearing for underage alcohol possession charge?
I was holding an ice tea they didn't breathalyze me. She also never asked if I was drinking. Surprisingly I actually was not drinking or in possession.
Id love to find the guy who tells people they have to be breathalyzed to be found guilty of underage. Just so you know...