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Will these 2 months I have been waiting, be counted towards any probation I may receive
I am 56, never had a ticket or been arrested, til 2 mos ago got a owi, I hired a lawyer, my licsense was suspended for 180 days, its been 2 months and I haven't heard from anyone
Certainly, the only attorney that can answer your question is your own. The 2 months while your case is pending does...
How can I complete an Illinois DUI Program in Indiana?
I received a DWI in Illinois and need to complete a Level 2 Significant Program in Indiana. This consists of 10 hours of Remedial Education followed by 20 hours of group or individual counseling. I really want to get this started as soon as possible and do as much as I can online if at all possible. Where can I do this in the state of Indiana?
If this is for the Secretary of State, you can do the ten hours online at If for the courts...
If you are on probation for third Dui can you drink in bars and at home
Someone. I know frequent bars all week and is getting drunk at home.
Whether a probationer can visit bars or drink at all depends upon the conditions of probation ordered by the judge. "No...
Why is the DMV requiring me to have an sr-22 when I've only been arrested and charged with an OWI but not convicted of it yet?
I was arrested for an OWI back in May 2016. My initial hearing was waived for plea of not guilty. Then I got my suspension letter from the DMV for 6 months and went to hearing for sdp license. DMV is showing I'm required of the sr-22 for 3 years, how can they do that if I haven't even been convicted yet?
SDP requires high risk insurance.
Can a police officer see you driving and recognize you, run your name and find out you're suspended, then pull you over?
I was pulled over earlier today just after leaving class, the officer saw me pulling into class and recognized me so he ran my name and my license showed suspended, he waited for me to leave class which was 2hrs later and pulled me over! Upon pulling me over he had a k-9 unit there within minutes to search the vehicle I was driving which belonged to my girlfriends father, no drugs or weapons or anything else was found, I was arrested for driving while suspended
Unfortunately, yes. As a result of an Indiana Supreme Court case approximately 10 years ago, police officers are free...
What should i do after i arrested as "operator never licenced"?
Hi I was driiving on a two lane road from Fort Wayne, IN to Chicago,IL . One of the Marshall County,IN Police Officer stopped me becasue of speeding. Speed Limit was 60 and i was driving between 75-80mph. I was here since 13 months at the time and I couldn't get US drivers license because i am asylum applicant and waiting for my EAD. I showed my driver's license (that i have from my own country) to the officer. He then looked up something and come back to tell me to get out i wanna show you something i can't explain it from here. I went outside to near his car then turned me back and hand cuffed me while he was saying you can't drive with this license because you are in here 13 months, Indiana permits only 60 days to drive with out of state drivers license, I can't let you go. He then took me to the Marshall County Jail. They took my fingerprints, photos etc. Then i paid jail out bond which is $755 because i wasn't an Indiana Resident. Now i have a court date, by this time some of my documents arrived i was able manage to get Drivers License from Illinois. I will attend to court but i don't what should i say. Can you help me on this. Thanks
I strongly urge you to HIRE A LAWYER (caps intentional). My guess is that you have about as much business...
Can I be accused of rape when I was intoxicated?
So I was intoxicated over at another person's house but they were intoxicated too but they started to fall unconscious and I didn't realize they were until a bit afterwards so I stopped but I didn't have sex with them. They found specimen inside of them though. Idk what to do bc I wasn't thinking bout it bc I was impaired from the drugs. I didn't have intentions in having sex either before I arrived there sober. I just went over to party with them, nothing more. I never committed a crime before this either and I'm young with a good background. And I already have the love of my life. I'm starting to develop mental problems bc of this and me thinking bout my future. What can I do and will the prosecutor go through with it?
I would not post anything else on any public forums and immediately hire an attorney or ask for a public defender.