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What can I do? What are my rights?
I am being charged with an OWI 2nd offense in 9 years. I retained an attorney. He is dead set on taking it to trial. I had my final pretrial conference with the district attorney this past Friday. Prior to going in I asked my attorney if we could settle or come to a deal. He said they would not make a deal with an OWI case. I sat through each other defendants homework all offer deals on their case. I do not want to take it to trial. One of my Witnesses is a cancer patient who had her tongue removed and now speaks with a voice box and I do not want to put her through that. When I called the District Attorney's office to see if a deal was offered that I was not aware of them for me they will not speak to me because I have an attorney. But I feel that he declined an offer without my knowledge. My trial is set for April 18th which is less than a week away.
You could try hiring a different attorney, and have that attorney negotiate an offer. You're taking action a bit late...
Im on probation in ill for a dui my probation was transfered to wisconsin where i live so im on an instate compact probation.
so i see someone in wisconsin who then transfer the info to il probation. i still have till sept 2013 to complete my probation. but i have a status court date in il were everything needs to be done the evaluation the classes, and all payments(fines) have to be made. i did everything but i have only paid half my fine im wondering if il will revoke in that court hearing or what will happen exactly. i know i followed all the others rules of my probation. if they revoke me, do they put a warrant out or give me a court date ?
Since your probation officer probably also has access to the internet, admitting on a public web forum that you have...
How can I get my underage drinking ticket dropped or substantially lowered?
This is my first offense, I was walking home with a couple friends and one friend walking significantly ahead of me handed a sealed water bottle with alcohol over to his other friend, just as two cops on bicycles pulled up. I had nothing on me and was extremely cooperative, I was not suspicious at all yet they breathalyzed me. i blew a .063. I have a mandatory court appearance in a few days, if anyone could give me some advice on how to get this dropped or lowered please let me know. also, is there a way that I can avoid having my license suspended? I wasn't anywhere near a car but I don't want to take a chance. Thanks
Plead Not Guilty and set a meeting with the prosecutor. Consult with an experienced attorney in your area.
I got a Underage Drinking citation in Wisconsin, and i'm an Minnesotan. Where would this show up on a backround check?
I have done research, and basically, since the Underage Alchohol Violation event got cited in Wisconsin, i've found that this infraction could come up in my driving record. But which? I have a Minnesota drivers license, therefore, will it come up in my Minesota driving record? Or will it only come up in Wisconsin? Also, on a side note, when I got this citation the Wisconsin police officer said it was a misdemenor. But after doing my research, and looking at the "notice of Citation", it clearly says citation. I was drinking in the dorms. Is there a law that makes drinking in the dorms a misdemenor? Or was the police just trying to intimidate me?
There is no legal definition of "background check". What anyone checking finds totally depends upon how deeply they dig....
Can I get my drinking ticket dropped if I never had contact with the police.?
I was in a dorm room and one of my buddies just made his first mixed drink. I wasn't drinking at that night. The RA's knocked on the door and I let them in thinking nothing of it. They saw the bottle and asked to see our ID's. I left the room and didn't come back. I wasn't told to stop or anything. The next day I got a drinking ticket emailed to me. What can I do about it?
The fact that you did not have direct contact with the police makes no difference. Obviously, they obtained your...
I got a 2nd dui and hit and run to attended vehicle and failure to tell athorities should i get a lawyer?
i was wondering if i should get a lawyer for a 2nd di with a hit and run to unattended vehicle also failure to contact athorities
First, it is unclear when this OWI incident occurred. However, yes you do need a lawyer. The OWI laws have recently...
What are the possible outcomes for an owi charge and bac refusal?
I was arrested for owi and I refused the bac but took several breathalizers. I am filing for a refusal hearing and pleading not guilty. I will have a meeting with the D.A. but i do not know what to tell him. This is my first offense and I have a clean record. Is there any possibility for a deferred sentence?
In Wisconsin, there is very little chance of a deferred sentence. Essentially, the DA will ask you to plead to the OWI...