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so i see someone in wisconsin who then transfer the info to il probation. i still have till sept 2013 to complete my probation. but i have a status court date in il were everything needs to be done the evaluation the classes, and all payments(fines) have to be made. i did everything but i have only paid half my fine im wondering if il will revoke in that court hearing or what will happen exactly. i know i followed all the others rules of my probation. if they revoke me, do they put a warrant out or give me a court date ?
Since your probation officer probably also has access to the internet, admitting on a public web forum that you have...
This is my first offense, I was walking home with a couple friends and one friend walking significantly ahead of me handed a sealed water bottle with alcohol over to his other friend, just as two cops on bicycles pulled up. I had nothing on me and was extremely cooperative, I was not suspicious at all yet they breathalyzed me. i blew a .063. I have a mandatory court appearance in a few days, if anyone could give me some advice on how to get this dropped or lowered please let me know. also, is there a way that I can avoid having my license suspended? I wasn't anywhere near a car but I don't want to take a chance. Thanks
Plead Not Guilty and set a meeting with the prosecutor. Consult with an experienced attorney in your area.
I was booked into jail for a disorderly conduct while highly intoxicated, they booked me in and released me less than 3 hours later. they took a breathalizer prior to my release. Less then one hour later I was picked up on a owi and bail jumping charge. I know in other states to be released from custody while under te influence someone ove 18 and sober must sign for you to be released.
It sounds like standard procedures were used to release you the first time and then you went and made another mistake....
I have done research, and basically, since the Underage Alchohol Violation event got cited in Wisconsin, i've found that this infraction could come up in my driving record. But which? I have a Minnesota drivers license, therefore, will it come up in my Minesota driving record? Or will it only come up in Wisconsin? Also, on a side note, when I got this citation the Wisconsin police officer said it was a misdemenor. But after doing my research, and looking at the "notice of Citation", it clearly says citation. I was drinking in the dorms. Is there a law that makes drinking in the dorms a misdemenor? Or was the police just trying to intimidate me?
There is no legal definition of "background check". What anyone checking finds totally depends upon how deeply they dig....
I was in a dorm room and one of my buddies just made his first mixed drink. I wasn't drinking at that night. The RA's knocked on the door and I let them in thinking nothing of it. They saw the bottle and asked to see our ID's. I left the room and didn't come back. I wasn't told to stop or anything. The next day I got a drinking ticket emailed to me. What can I do about it?
The fact that you did not have direct contact with the police makes no difference. Obviously, they obtained your...
My friend and I were walking on the sidewalk and are both underage and had been previously drinking. The police stopped us because my friend had an open container that I didn't know about. I tried to keep walking and they made me come back also to ask me questions. They asked me if I had been drinking and I said that I hadn't been, which was a lie. I then refused to take a breathalyzer test. They then told me take off my backpack that I was wearing and open it up which happened to have a few unopened beer cans in it. I told them that they didn't have the right to search my backpack but they did anyways. I got charged with an underage drinking violation and a underage possession of alcohol violation. Did the police have the right to search me and proceed the way they did?
If a proper defense motion is filed, it is the court's decision whether to exclude evidence that was found in your...
i was wondering if i should get a lawyer for a 2nd di with a hit and run to unattended vehicle also failure to contact athorities
First, it is unclear when this OWI incident occurred. However, yes you do need a lawyer. The OWI laws have recently...