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Hi my name is Jennifer and I have a 3rd dui and a 3rd suspended license What are the things that the judge can give me for them?
3 dui and 3 suspended license
The possible penalties for a 3rd DUI in FL are: A criminal conviction, up to 364 days in jail, up to 12 months...
Can I change venue in a dui case if I live in another county?
I was arrested for dui in sw fl. I lived in a se county at the time, however, I was in the process of moving to a nw county in Florida. It's a 10 hour drive one way to go to court. Can I get the case moved to the nw Florida county since it's going to be my permanent address? How do out of state persons do it?
No. You cannot change venue. The jurisdiction in which you got your DUI is the one prosecuting you. It's also where...
Will I be put on prohibation if the evaluation goes well?
Was charged with misdemeanor marijuana posession and drug paraphernalia in florida. I have to be evaluated for pretrial diversion by the end of December at the prohibation in my home state (alabama). I have a previous clean record.
Your lawyer is in the best position to explain this to you.
How long does liquor stay in your urine if you drank five shots?
It isn't the alcohol in the urine you have to worry about; its the byproducts of your body breaking down the alcohol...
Can I sue the bar at which I was assaulted by a patron? She had a drink in her hand, but I am unsure if she was intoxicated.
Inside the girls bathroom, I was struck in the face with a rocks glass by an ex-"friend". I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where I underwent facial surgery and many stitches, etc. I now have a large scar on my face. The glass hit a facial artery and I lost a lot of blood. The bar just escorted me out side and sat me down. I asked for an ambulance and they asked me if I was sure. I said yes since I was bleeding profusely from my face.
The bar may be liable if they were on notice that a situation was developing and did nothing to prevent it. You need...
Do you think I can qualify for a hardship license?
I had my 2nd DUI in Georgia in Feb/March 2005 (1st in Nov 2004), but have not completed the requirements because I moved to Florida & have lived here ever since. I was sentenced to do risk assessment course, 240hrs community service, interlock, dui course, etc. I did not complete these steps or ever report. No arrests since the DUI, no violations, etc. Could you please advise what steps I can take to get my license back?
FL treats out of state DUI's "as if" they occurred in FL. They will require that you complete all out-of-state...
My grandson was arrested for VOP. He was on one yr probation which ended on march. He has been in jail since march 8th.
Is there any reason he would not be able to obtain his driver license after his court Apprarance on April 6th
Your question doesn't really make sense, but I'm guessing that his violation occurred well before his probation term...