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What are the likely consequences for a second DUI offender?
The first DUI offense was a DUI accident 9 1/2 years ago and the other party was injured. The second offense involved an accident and reckless endangerment and is awaiting trial. Time has been served upon arrest. What kind of sentencing/conviction should be expected under these circumstances? Both arrests were in Clackamas County.
Without knowing the specifics of the incident it would be hard to make an educated guess as far as jail time. You need...
If a car is towed from dui traffic stop and is sold at auction what happens to the loan on the car?
My wife has helped an ex get a car loan she is primary. He was arrested for dui and pcs meth and few other charges. Car was towed from scene. We are unable to afford to get car out of impound. Tow yard has informed us they will auction the car next month if we don't pick up car. What happens to the bank loan or my wife's credit report if car is sold at auction. Other question is how do we get her ex off bank loan if we are able to get car from tow yard even though he refuses to sign any paperwork to remove his name from being. the secondary on bank loan. Other question. If we are able to get car from toward should we or could we have police search car before we take possession of car to check for any other illegal items
I am not licensed in Oregon, so out of respect for any experienced DUI attorney from Oregon who may respond to your...
I blew a 0.07 on a breathalyzer. Do you suggest a lawyer for the hearing? What are my chances of dismissal if I don't get one?
Legal breathalyzer limit is 0.08 in OR. I just got off a 16-hour shift and had 2 beers. I was dog-tired, not intoxicated, when I was given the sobriety tests. I have astigmatism so my eyes will jerk with a light directed at them. I also have ADHD so I have difficulty following multiple instructions so I failed the Walk-&-Turn test which is hard to pass even with no alcohol. If I arm myself with documentation of my 16-hour shift, astigmatism, and ADHD, what are my chances of getting my case dismissed at the hearing if I represented myself? I really can’t afford a lawyer and would like to slay this dragon at the onset. Do you have any other suggestions? Would you advise my writing a letter to the judge or DA? Thank you!
I am not licensed in Oregon, so out of respect for any experienced DUI attorney from Oregon who may respond to your...
Can I get a Failure to perform duties as a Driver expunged or reduced to a misdemeanor?
In 2005, i got a DUI, Assault 3, and a failure to perform duties as a driver (felony). It has been about 10 years since the conviction. I have finished all state programs, paid all fines and restitution, no probation, violations, no police contact, or anything criminal since that horrible night. Is there any hope for me? At least a reduction to misdemeanor?
The operative statute in Oregon is at ORS 161.705: "Reduction of certain felonies to misdemeanors. Notwithstanding ORS...
Is there a statute of limitations to being required to have a breathalyzer in your vehicle after a duii oregon. 2010 - 2015
I've waited five years hoping to avoid renting a breathalyzer device.
To get your Oregon license fully reinstated after a DUII conviction, you must first wait out the suspension period, and...
I got a dui 7 years ago in califorina
I had a misdemeanor dui when I was 20. My licence was suspended for a year. I paid all fines but did not enroll in the dui classes. About a year ago I went to talk to court because I had a warrant out for my arrest because the dui classes were court ordered and it became a probation violation. The warrant is taken care of now. I now live in Oregon and my question is can I just go get a drivers licence (redo the testing and everything) or do I still have to complete the dui classes?
I would start with the easiest approach, namely call dmv and ask if you can get s license. They can look you up and...
Will my DUI/DUII be revoked? What can I do to fight it?
I was placed in the DUI/DUII diversion program in Clackamas county by circuit Judge Susie L Norby. Sometime ago, I finally got my license back, got my SR-22 filed, and an IID (SmartStart) breathalyzer installed in my vehicle. My first report went to my monitoring authority (Pioneer Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Services/PADES). I heard from a counselor in my treatment program that the report showed my IID being "unplugged or something". PADES filed to have my diversion revoked. I have spoken with several representatives from SmartStart and the code was "Power Fail" which means my battery dropped under a certain voltage. SmartStart says if I tampered with the device like PADES claims, it would read "Circumvention". How do I prove my innocence?
You'll receive notice from the court to show cause why your diversion should not be revoked. At the hearing you're...