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  • Panhandler with Knife Assaults 2 at I-80 Ramp in Mokena

    Sunday Apr 17 | via 

    Mokena Police apprehended a man who assaulted two people at the stop light on the westbound I-80 off ramp onto La Grange Road Sunday afternoon, around 2 p.m. The man reportedly walked up to a vehicle, asked for spare change, then attempted a robbery with a knife. He was seen running under the La Grange Road bridge near the Metra tracks.


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Mokena Law

What do I need to bring with for a 2nd formal hearing to get full driving privileges reinstated?
I have had an RDP and a BAIID device since may of 13. I am eligible for full reinstatement again on May 02, 14. I need to have a formal hearing so I've filled out my paperwork and submitted my payment of $50 to the secretary of state. Is there anything else I need to know or to bring with me in order to get full reinstatement of my driving privileges? I am doing this alone with out a lawyer.
I don't think you have to bring anything, however a quick call to the Secretary of State's office where you had your...
What's the punishment in Illinois for not buying court ordered Sr-22 while on probation for dui?
Just need to know the standard punishment for someone with only the Dui on their record
Never heard of a court order including a requirement to obtain SR 22. If you are convicted of DUI, you have to carry...
What's the penalty for a third DUI?
Penalties vary depending on a number of factors. You should contact an attorney to discuss it further. Good luck.
I had received a DUI about a year and a half ago I completely paid all my fines and did all the community service but missed 2hr
I missed 2 hours of my counseling now they put a warrant out for my arrest and in trying to join the military what punishment am I facing and will the national guard still take me
The National Guard will not accept you while there is an outstanding warrant and a pending case against you. If you...
Will a pending DUI show on a driving record check in Illinois?
Will a pending DUI show up on a background check when my driving record is run? I recently pleaded guilty to a DUI in Illinois, but have not yet been sentenced. I am trying to get a job in the automotive field. Is it possible this DUI that is only pending will be part of my record already?
The guilty disposition for DUI may not show up yet on your driving record. However, the DUI arrest in Illinois and...
Can i move out of state with my dui in illinois.
i got a dui in illinois and im from maine. im just tryin to find out if i can move back and deal with my counsiling / fine there.
Probably, you should talk to your attorney or your probation officer about moving your supervision to another state....
Ex-wife driving our 2 boys around while drunk/impaired. What can I do or rights do I have as the boys' father to protect them?
Divorced for 5 years now...wife & I share joint custody but our two boys, ages 15 & 12, live with their mother. While she always drank alcohol before, after the divorce it escalated to the point she was passing out on the couch at night in front of the boys. In addition, she's been on meds for depression & anxiety that she's drinking on top of as well. My boys are experiencing her erratic moods but most upsetting is that she has been driving them to various places/activities while impaired/intoxicated. While I don't believe she's been caught by the police, my older son has expressed a couple times now being afraid while riding in the car that she has narrowly avoided accidents & blown red lights. My boys love their mother & I know how badly it would upset them if they were forced to come live with me simply due to losing their lifelong friends & having to change schools. I don't want them to be scarred emotionally via the court system or testifying against their mother. I'm at a loss as to what I can or should do going forward. Its come to my attention she's been going to AA meetings but I'm aware she's still drinking.
This is an urgent matter. You need a lawyer involved immediately. Your boys must be told to NOT GET IN THE CAR WITH...