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  • Murder charge filed in fatal car crash

    Thursday Mar 26 | via News Tribune 

    A Mokane woman has been charged with one count of second-degree murder in connection with a fatal car crash that occurred in August 2014. According to reports from the Missouri Highway Patrol, Conner was driving south on Missouri Route CC, about 3.2 miles south of Route O, when she crossed the center line.


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Mokane Law

On 2005 i had my license suspended for 30 days and havent got them back so with the time could i get them back with out penaltys
driving behind a wheel after drinking rolled my car and got first dwi
Probably. It's been 9 years. Call the Department of Revenue and ask them what you need to do to get your DL back....
A friend got charged with MIP and Driving without license. He is an international student. What are the consequences?
He blew a .06 in the breathalyser.
Depends if your friends is charged in State or Municipal court. If charged in State court with a first time MIP the...
I got a third dwi and i have i warrant for my arrest for how long i will be in jail if i tur myself in
i wanna turn myself in to face my third dwi charge for how long i would be in jail
It depends on too many variables to give you an answer. It would be best if you hired a good attorney to represent...
I had i third dwi i wanna know for how long i will be in jail aprox and if i will bw able to become a citizen still am a residen
am a permanent resident
Contact a local attorney for specific information about Missouri sentences for third-offense DWI charges. If you are...
Does a misdemeanor dui from 12 years ago have a statute of limitations
the party hasn't renewed their driver's license since this incident and hasn't been in any kind of criminal trouble during this time nor has this person received any further traffic violations during this time period. this person wasn't able to afford to comply with all of the requirements the judge ordered for this dui charge either because of financial hardship
You may want to rephrase your question. The statute of limitations is not in issue here if the person already plead...
DUI question
Arrested in clay county Missouri for dui, bac of .18 and going 60 in a 45. I need to know if this is my second offense, could it be a felony? Does it have moral turpitude? And could it be a aggrevated dui?
Please review Section 577.023, RSMo. You can google it. It can't be a felony if you only have one prior finding of...
What does it mean when the state files a motion "in limine" before a trial in a dui case?
From what i can gather ,the state is trying to supress evidence? What do you think they could be trying to supress in a dwi case?
In most, if not all, criminal trials, not matter the charges, both the defense and prosecution will file motions in...