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First DUI while trying to find missing person. How can I get the case dismissed?
My fiance walked off after an argument in a really shady area. This is a unique event between us. I had been drinking that night, but felt scared for her safety and needed to know where she was, especially since she wasn't answering any phone calls. I got stopped for skidding through turns and running a stop sign. I was honestly frantic looking for her. I told this to the police who proceeded to look for her. When I got out the next morning, she had just returned home. I blew a .12BAC and the arresting officer told me if I explained my case to the judge I could get out. The problem is I need my licence and they will be suspending it in 30 days. How can I get my license back immediately (I need it for a recent job offer, my first time working in a while) and how can I best set up a defense
You strictly comply with the DMV appeal process and the courts. Sorry, there is no magical person you can just call up...
I got a dui on 4-12-13 my last one was 2-19-03 do the courts go by arrest date would it be a 1st or 2nd, or conviction date
Its arrest to arrest date you are outside the 10 year prior ability so it will be a first time DUI for both court and DMV
Any dui lawyers here in mojave,ca. area i live in san diego can i use a lawyer from san diego or just mojave
dui case
im in san diego and i can do it but i suggest yoz hire a local dui attorney in the area. >
What are the chances of reduction of a DUI charge (.09) with open container and speeding?
I was speeding across the desert when I was pulled over. I was going 87mph in a 65mph zone. I was unimpaired. Naturally, that is irrelevant as I had an open container and blew a .10 on the PAS. I blew a .09 at the station. Will the speeding and open container make this a lost cause? Other circumstances: I am leaving California (or at least plan to) on July 30th. I have no prior offenses whatsoever. Could this help the case? A sort of, "Good, get him away," thing?
Hiring an attorney and setting the case TIME NOT WAIVED would likely get your trial before July 30. How about a...
I have received 2 suspended license tickets in California how much jail time will i be looking at?
my license is suspended due to a dui from last September. im currently still in my dui class.
Minimum for driving on a suspended license due to a DUI is 10 days. You need an attorney to deal with this. Andrew...
In California, how long does a wet reckless violation stay on my driving record?
In 2001 I was arrested and pleaded to a wet reckless charge. I attended court-ordered AAA meetings and consultations. This was my one and only violation ever. Is this something I'll need a DUI lawyer to take care of?
A VC 23103 violation, commonly known as a wet reckless, will stay on DMV your record 10 years because it is priorable...
How does a dui with bodily injuries
I got charged with dui and bodily injuries and they told me I could get time but it's my first offense and ebryine is alright
You need to get an attorney ASAP. Regardless if it's your first offense a DUI with injury can be charged as a felony,...