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How long will my girlfriend be in jail if she has a bench warrant for Mic?
We were driving home and a cop pulled her friend over and they found alcohol so they breath alized us and she blew a 0.02 and missed her court date.
Why did she have a court date if she was at a .02%? Was she charged with something and did she miss a court date?...
Can a employer flag my professional license and report fradulant information
Drug tested @ end of 8 hour shift , tested positive for thc, which I told them I would, but was not using on job ,I use it for pain & sleep, they reported to nursing board i was using illegal substances on the job, what can I do, my nursing license is revoked, i have to fight to get it reinstated for for a false report, can the employer b held liable, it was reported on a Monday , they didn't receive formal results til 4 days later,
I don't know if you have any recourse. This is not a question for a criminal defense attorney, but you may wish to...
I just wondering if I will need to hire a lawyer for court
I was pulled over and cited for driving under suspension. I also got no insurance but just got a fine for that. For the driving under suspension I will need to go to court for and I was just wondering if I needed a lawyer. I didn't know my license was suspended and went and got it reinstated immediately.
Yes you should have a lawyer for that.
How can I get my license back? Where do I start to get Indiana off my ass they also fined me for no insurance I was in North?
I was convicted of my third DUI in North Dakota as I applied for my license which the said was good Indiana hit me with ten years habitual because my first 2 DUI where there is that not double jeapordy How can Indiana do that I was literally getting ready to take test bought insurance sr22 really What can I do?
Each state has its own laws about DUI and subsequent driver's license suspensions and revocations. If Indiana is...
Am I currently legally allowed to drive in North Dakota?
I received an OWI while on vacation. I went back to that state, put in my plea, and was sentenced. Because I live in North Dakota, but the OWI was in a different state, I know that that state has no jurisdiction over my license. So, am I still currently legally able to drive until otherwise told by the state of North Dakota? I don't want to risk it, if I'm not allowed, but I haven't received anything in the mail yet. Thank you!
Your ND license is valid in ND until it has been revoked or suspended by the NDDOT. Revocation and suspension Notices...
If i was arested and the charges we droped can i file a lawsuit to recoop my lost wages
i got pulled over the oficer did a subriaty test and passed he then arested me and took me to give me a pee tes and it was clean. i had a court date and plead inacent they gave me another court date and when i got there the clerk said it was droped. i want to be paid back for time lost from work and the imbeisment of being arested
I don't think you have a chance.
I am 18 and on deferred imposition. Is it violated if I go to a party and don't drink?
I have 8 months deferred imposition for a minor in consumption but only 3 months left. There is a birthday party that will have drinking. If it gets busted, will my minor go on my record even if I'm not doing anything at all?
Best if you just don't go. Why risk it?