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i got pulled over the oficer did a subriaty test and passed he then arested me and took me to give me a pee tes and it was clean. i had a court date and plead inacent they gave me another court date and when i got there the clerk said it was droped. i want to be paid back for time lost from work and the imbeisment of being arested
I don't think you have a chance.
Can you make a Plea about wearing a Bracelet for period of time instead of jail time and 24/7 and possibly get a workers permit?
My suggestion is you retain a criminal attorney to represent you in this matter, he can then negotiate with the DA and...
My Blood was drawn approximately 45minutes after arrest. I was not read my Miranda rights. I feel as I did not fail the field sobriety test in which the Officer says I did
Is your question whether the blood draw was legal? It is certainly something your attorney can challenge, but in all...
I have 8 months deferred imposition for a minor in consumption but only 3 months left. There is a birthday party that will have drinking. If it gets busted, will my minor go on my record even if I'm not doing anything at all?
Best if you just don't go. Why risk it?
I have not lived in NH for over 25 years and no other arrests.
I am not admitted in NH and I do not know the answer with certainty. However, I can tell you that I have never seen any...
the cop came up to my window first because there was puke on the side of the car and asked me if i had been drinking and i said yes, he did not breathalyze me and gave me a citation for underage drinking, however he did not have me sign the citation. Is it possible for me to fight this in court and get the charge dropped?
I called the cops and said I was beaten up by a male when there wasn't anyone at my house to begin with, I tried to say my ex boyfriend beat me up so I can get him in trouble while I was intoxicated, I can barely remember phoning the cops but they charged my ex boyfriend because he was the only make known to live at this address, what can I now?
As very general advice, I would speak to an attorney face-to-face about the local routine with these types of...