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Can I get a Colorado license after getting a dui in California?
I received it in 2014 completed dui class and fine payment, however moved to Colorado before applying for a restricted license
If there is a restriction on your California license, you must resolve that before Colorado will issue a license.
Can I get a med card after dui conviction?
I'm in boulder county. I was arrested for driving on pot and xanax. I face a dui drug charge. I also have a severe knee injury and am going to have to have surgery soon and I suffer from debilitating pain from a nerve injury. Is there any room in the laws of Colorado to get a med card to deal with this pain or will I be unable to use pot at all?
If you are convicted and face probation, the law requires an individualized assessment of each probationer who is...
If I move from CA to CO, will a DUI conviction from CA be placed on my CO DMV record?
If so, how long until the conviction disappears from the public record? Also, I've completed everything I need to do in CA to get my full license back (including finishing the 3 years of the SR-22). Will the CO DMV have me jump through extra hoops to get a CO license (like take CO's alcohol class)? (I've listed the question as being asked in the city I'm planning on moving to in order to get the attention of CO attorneys, even though I'm still in CA).
If California has a restriction on your license, Colorado will not issue a license until the California restriction is...
Can a person get in trouble for letting someone with a DUI drive their veichal?
I have a veichal that is under my name and my husbands name ( co signer ) and if he has a DUI and drives the veichal and gets pulled over. I know he would be in trouble but what would happen the owner of veichal.
Don't think you can be charged criminally under the circumstances you describe. But if he has a DUI and is required to...
Lose job if fail drug test because of weed
I want to be an RN in a state where weed is legal. I'm afraid that if I smoke weed then get piss tested and fail will I lose my license and job?
While weed is legal in Colorado that does not mean your employer cannot test you for weed and then fire you for that...
Can I get my blood test results prior to my court date in a Dui case? how do they prove that you were high while driving?
I got pulled over after drinking 2 bud light before cop was suspicious so he made do roadside tests never told me how I did but was suspicious that I had been high (which I wasn't but had smoked 3 days prior so the would of been thc in my blood) so he took me in to get my blood tested and now I have to wait or get an attorney.
You don't necessarily get the blood results before your next court date, but you will definitely have them before your...
Can I obtain a real estate license in Colorado if I've been convicted of "Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance"
It's a class A misemeanor. I just want to know if I'd be wasting my time paying for the courses and test just to find out I can't get my license.
So long as you are not still under the jurisdiction of the court when you apply for it, such a conviction should not...