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I got a fourth dui what's the penalty ?
I got caught don't even remember I sleep walking and drove earlier that night I was drinking and fell asleep and don't remember what can I do
This is a very serious offense because the fourth DUI is a felony based on the facts you presented you may have some...
It's been 10 years since my DUI, I completed my jail time but did not complete DUI classes. Will DMV allow me to get a license?
DUI 10 years ahoy; I have not finished class but did complete jail time. Will DMV allow me to get a license since it should be off my record now.
The DMV will allow you to get a license when you COMPLETE the DUI class and when you file an SR-22. There is no other way.
Can I get my informal probation lifted?
I have been on informal probation for over a year in a half after getting a DUI in May 2015. I have completed the classes, paid the fines, and community service hours. I am trying to get a financial license. And now I am trying to obtain a financial license, however I will not be able to get it issued until I get my probation lifted. What is the process to get it lifted? Should I hire an attorney?
In light of your question(s), and considering you don't know the process, YES, you should hire an attorney.
If a parent is requested to take a drug test could they agree to only a urine citing Family Code section 3041.5
Father of child was granted emergancy custody after accusing me of being a drug addict and claiming to have found drugs around the house. Also claimed to have witness me engajng in drug a activity which is false. He requested a drug test in his request for order. He has provide no evidence to credit his statements nor do I have any drug related charges or history.
If the Court orders a drug test, the judge expects you to submit to the type of test ordered. You can always request...
Can I request a suspended sentence after being convicted
I was convicted and sentenced to a 160 days. Can I request a suspended sentence before my turn in date
You don't want to go to jail? Speak with your attorney, but it's too late to re-negotiate.
I got a DUI for anti depression since that I was taking and today I went to court and they did not have any file of my arrest or
I got a DUI for being on antidepressants when I was rear-ended by a diesel I was honest to the cop and told the cop that I was on them because he asked me a series of questions two hours later he came to the hospital and tried to do the surprise a test on me which I already I already had pain medication on board they really don't have much of a case to go by they have with the cop report said and my urine which is positive for what I have already said that I had taken so that's kind of the drift of the story but I don't know if since I didn't get to go to court what would happen what's going on I don't understand
What don't you understand? You state you went to court and no case was filed. That's good. Perhaps check with the DA'...
Can I turn myself in early to serve my jail time?
I recently got pulled over for driving on suspended license. I Went to court and received fines as well as having to serve 10 days in jail. My turn in date is January 9th however I start school in January and was wondering if I could just turn myself in early on December 1st or if they make you wait until the date on your paperwork?
Contact your attorney. You probably need to return to court to change the report date.