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2yrs probation and 30 days jail before the first years up for dui. any way around the jail time? community service etc?
i was sentenced to 2 yrs probation and 30 days in jail for dui. i have to serve the 30 days within the first year of probation. im wondering if there is any alternative to the jail time. house arrest, community service, etc.
This is a question that should be addressed to your attorney that knows all the facts and handled the case. You won't...
Could it be possible to avoid DUI conviction if the nurse did not remove the tourniquet during the blood draw?
I've taken phlebotomy and we learned to remove it as soon as the needle is in the vein. I told her to remove the tourniquet but she insisted that it needed to stay on, it is painful for me when they do not take it off before drawing blood. I've read that it could cause inaccurate results.
Anything is possible. You would need experts to testify that the use of the tourniquet compromised or made the results...
Last minute court advice?
My DUI court date is here in the next couple days and I was just wondering as to any advice that can be offered. I've ended up having to represent myself and am a little nervous about going in alone. Any last minute tips would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Likely to late to help, best to continue the matter and get a lawyer. Most should offer a free consultation.
Is getting an attorney pointless for first time DUI with high BAC?
This is my first ever offense (been pulled over once and got a fix-it ticket but that's it). I'm 20yo, and yes I know it's underage, and was out at a friend's house. Thinking I was okay to drive, since none of my friends could drive for me, I left my friend's house. After about 10min of driving I realized I wasn't and pulled off onto a dirt road where I ran over a mailbox and crashed into a ditch. Verdict's still out on whether or not the car is totaled, but it did have to be towed. I blew a .191 at the scene and they took me to the hospital for a blood draw after that. My question is: Would getting a lawyer be of any help? Or have I dug myself into a hole so deep not even a lawyer can help? and What steps should I take next? Thanks for your time and I appreciate any help given.
Go get a lawyer than handles, and brings to trial, many DWI cases in your area. In some jurisdictions, a BAC level...
I have not made payment in over a year to the court. I have to go in to probation officer to receive a sanction. Whats it mean?
I have the money right now from taxes to pay it off. Do i do it or do i wait or do i put some type of payment? I dont want to go back.
Each jurisdiction is going to have different rules ... but you cannot be placed in custody because you cannot afford to...
I did breath test on the street, when i got to station they wanted another breath test, i askd for blood and was refused
is the field test admisable in court , and do i have a right to ask for blood test?
The breath test on the street is different from the breath test at the station. The breath test on the street is...
2nd offense dui and willful wreckless driving.
My husband was arrested this morning for a second offense dui and willful wreckless driving. Was being pulled over for speeding, panicked because he had been drinking so he tried to run, lost control and hit a tree. His first dui was 7 years ago. He says one of the officers told him to get a good lawyer and it could be dropped to a first offense. Is that possible? What outcomes are we looking at? Is it possible to take the defensive driving class and get the wreckless driving reduced or dropped?
It would be best to talk directly with attorneys in your area. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab at the top of the...