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This is my first ever offense (been pulled over once and got a fix-it ticket but that's it). I'm 20yo, and yes I know it's underage, and was out at a friend's house. Thinking I was okay to drive, since none of my friends could drive for me, I left my friend's house. After about 10min of driving I realized I wasn't and pulled off onto a dirt road where I ran over a mailbox and crashed into a ditch. Verdict's still out on whether or not the car is totaled, but it did have to be towed. I blew a .191 at the scene and they took me to the hospital for a blood draw after that. My question is: Would getting a lawyer be of any help? Or have I dug myself into a hole so deep not even a lawyer can help? and What steps should I take next? Thanks for your time and I appreciate any help given.
Go get a lawyer than handles, and brings to trial, many DWI cases in your area. In some jurisdictions, a BAC level...
My DUI court date is here in the next couple days and I was just wondering as to any advice that can be offered. I've ended up having to represent myself and am a little nervous about going in alone. Any last minute tips would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Likely to late to help, best to continue the matter and get a lawyer. Most should offer a free consultation.
I've taken phlebotomy and we learned to remove it as soon as the needle is in the vein. I told her to remove the tourniquet but she insisted that it needed to stay on, it is painful for me when they do not take it off before drawing blood. I've read that it could cause inaccurate results.
Anything is possible. You would need experts to testify that the use of the tourniquet compromised or made the results...
I have the money right now from taxes to pay it off. Do i do it or do i wait or do i put some type of payment? I dont want to go back.
Each jurisdiction is going to have different rules ... but you cannot be placed in custody because you cannot afford to...
is the field test admisable in court , and do i have a right to ask for blood test?
The breath test on the street is different from the breath test at the station. The breath test on the street is...
So far what I read on DMV website, it states that there are restrictions. I called DMV office and the person on the line told me that there is no restriction on driving with Ignition Interlock anymore in the State of Nebraska as long as the driver doesn't fail ignition interlock tests. Which one is right?
If you do not receive an answer on Avvo from a Nebraska attorney, then you need to consult one and they usually offer...
Its for a DUI. I need to know will i be stopped at the Airport.
You may wish to consider it is entirely possible you might be located and stopped, as you put it, well before your bags...