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Question about medical report dwi
I was involved in an accident while smoking synthetic marijuana. i did not receive ticket or arrested. I told the police i may have diabetes and i passes out. months later, i get a letter from florida highway patrol for my medical report that night and a new medical report from a physican because of diabetes. The medical report from that night says I was under the influence. If i dont send it, they will revoke my license. How long will this revoke last?
I recommend to consult an attorney in your area before doing anything about complying with the FHP request.
Will my DUI from FL show in background checks in NJ?If so will it be a misdemeanor like in FL?Can I expunge my DUI from FL in NJ
I got a DUI in Florida and moving to NJ
Yes, a criminal record is a public record, and it will show up in background checks. DUI is a misdemeanor. You cannot...
Getting back Drivers License in Florida after DUI. I haven't driven a car for 5 years
Dear Sir or Madam I am in Florida. Back in December 2009 I had a DUI. I did go to court in 2010. but before I went, right after the arrest, I sold the car so no ignition lock was needed. Judge gave me 6 months probation, DUI school, 50 hrs community service and $ fines.. I completed all of the requirements, but since I sold the car, I've been using the public transportation since 2010. So now I would like to get my license back, and I am trying to find out what else might be needed? Extra insurance FR44, more classes, more fines...Or since I have been in the clear for 5 years, all I need to do is make an appointment with the DMV office. Thank you very much! Rumen
What you need will depend on specifics we do not know. You mentioned that you sold the car, so you did not have to get...
I have withheld adjudication on my dui felony. Can i get my record sealed?
I have a dui felony and it is making it impossible to get a job or apaartment. I have withheld adjudication. Can i get it sealed?
I would like to review your final disposition. In any DUI case, felony or misdemeanor, where the defendant either...
My property was damaged by a drunk driver that fled the scene, what can I do?
My car and my front lawn was damaged and police did find the suspect.His lawyer contacted me to offer settlement but did not realize that there was nobody inside the vehicle.
You can make a claim for the damages you sustained to your property.
Can I be seeing time in jail
I was just served a summons to court regarding an incident over a year ago that I thought was dropped. I took a sleeping pill and immediately drive to my friends house..I did not know it was a rapid release and before I got down the street it hit me..I guess I was serving on the road and hit some mail boxes...my charges are 6 counts of Dui property damage, operating with suspended licence 2nd offence , and I think diving on the wing side of the road..I think there are in all 12 issues in all..please can u tell me what I may be facing.
Of course jail is always a possibility on any case, but every case is different, different facts, different judges,...
I got a DUI in 2013 my conviction was in Nov. 2014 and my license wasn't suspended by the court until jan.2015 I went to the DMV to get my license back but they Said I still needed an FR44. Can I wait the 3 year period without purchasing the insurance (fr44) and then try to get my license again? The lady told me if I waited till 2018 I can get my license back without ever having purchased an FR44, is that true? I really can't afford to pay $2,000 every 6 months and idk what to do
You cannot afford a FR44 and society cannot afford the risk of you driving impaired once AGAIN (caps intentional). I...