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Can I get my drivers license in Florida if I am still documented as living in South Carolina, even with a pending DUI charge?
I am from South Carolina where I got the dui and my 6 month suspension is up already. I am moving to Florida in the next month and a half. My trial isn't for another year but the 6 month suspension is passed. Is there any extra fees to get it and is it even possible?
You indicate what must be an administrative suspension that is now up. You may still be looking at a judicial...
I have a friend she was in the us got involve with a haitian who is now a American she was drunk when they slept together while
She met him on Okcupid.....That she needed to go shopping he told her he got her she was desperate for the money and he played her she felt use and abuse she told him she had hiv which was not true because she was tested. He then reported her to the immigration and provided them detail information about her what could possible go wrong here. What if she choose to travel to the USA again because she's not a citizen there could she provide proof of status ??what will happen
Your fact pattern is very confusing. What did he report to her about immigration? It would be best for your friend to...
Can i get an ignition interlock device on my 49CC scooter?
I have two DUI's from 2-3 years ago and have a 5year suspended license. I am currently now eligible for a business hardship license. Unfortunately i cannot afford insurance and what i would need to have a car right now, so i own a 49CC scooter. I know that i can get a hardship license with a scooter and i am aware that i need a FR44 insurance because of my DUI's. The only issue im running into is that the DMV requires me to have an ignition interlock device put on my vehicle. Can i get an IID installed on my scooter? I have spoken to attorneys who said they have seen it done before but have not yet gotten a definite answer yet. The insurance and obtaining the hardship is not a problem. I need to get on the road ASAP for work purposes. Please help, thank you!
You may want to call the good folks at DMV in Tallahassee (850-617-2000) and ask them. If you follow the rule of the 3...
My son got his first dui (misdemeanor) in Broward County FL on Jan 4, 2017. When will his case be filed?
My 21 year old son got his first DUI in Broward County on Jan. 4, 2017. His case is still listed as "unfiled" on the Broward County clerk of court website. Is there a limitation on how long a case can sit before it is filed?
Rest assured, it will likely be filed before the arraignment date. It would be wise to keep checking with the clerk of...
Can I get violation of probation for picking up a second degree misdemeanor?
Someone said I was driving and left the scene, I was not driving though I was dropped off 30 minutes prior to the accident. We had a video of me driving before I got dropped off, she showed it to the trooper and now they are hitting me with careless driving and fleeing the scene which is a second degree misdemeanor. Will I be violated?
Yes, you will be violated. Time to get an attorney. Do that soon because you can be sentenced to the entire amount of...
Can i get an ignition interlock device installed on my scooter?
I have two DUI that i was convicted of in 2013 and 2014. I have a 5 year suspended license and the privelege to get a hardship license on January 15th, 2017. I am legally now allowed to obtain a hardship license. Unfortunately the only thing i can afford at this time is the 49CC scooter that i own now. My question is am i able to get an ignition interlock device installed on my scooter and get a harship license to drive my scooter now? Also what insurance would i need? I need to get back on the road for work purposes.
I have seen this done before with scooters. You will need standard state law minimum liability coverage.
Do I qualify as an applicant for citizenship with a DUI that was reduced to reckless driving?
I got my permanent green card around 2011 through my first marriage in 2010. We divorced around feb 2013. In Dec 2013 I was charged with a DUI that was reduced to a reckless driving. The case was closed in Dec 2014. I barely had any restrictions from the judge I could even travel outside the country. So I am not sure if I have or if it would be ideal to wait 5 years to show good moral character. Thanks
Ideal yes. Required, no. Please see https://www.avvo.com/legal-guides/ugc/applying-for-naturalization-part-one-