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Question about medical report dwi
I was involved in an accident while smoking synthetic marijuana. i did not receive ticket or arrested. I told the police i may have diabetes and i passes out. months later, i get a letter from florida highway patrol for my medical report that night and a new medical report from a physican because of diabetes. The medical report from that night says I was under the influence. If i dont send it, they will revoke my license. How long will this revoke last?
I recommend to consult an attorney in your area before doing anything about complying with the FHP request.
I have withheld adjudication on my dui felony. Can i get my record sealed?
I have a dui felony and it is making it impossible to get a job or apaartment. I have withheld adjudication. Can i get it sealed?
I would like to review your final disposition. In any DUI case, felony or misdemeanor, where the defendant either...
My property was damaged by a drunk driver that fled the scene, what can I do?
My car and my front lawn was damaged and police did find the suspect.His lawyer contacted me to offer settlement but did not realize that there was nobody inside the vehicle.
You can make a claim for the damages you sustained to your property.
I got a DUI in 2013 my conviction was in Nov. 2014 and my license wasn't suspended by the court until jan.2015 I went to the DMV to get my license back but they Said I still needed an FR44. Can I wait the 3 year period without purchasing the insurance (fr44) and then try to get my license again? The lady told me if I waited till 2018 I can get my license back without ever having purchased an FR44, is that true? I really can't afford to pay $2,000 every 6 months and idk what to do
You cannot afford a FR44 and society cannot afford the risk of you driving impaired once AGAIN (caps intentional). I...
Can you go to jail in Florida because of DUI? There was an accident with damage to property, but nobody got hurt.
Have never been in trouble with the law.
Being arrested for a DUI is a crime. For all crimes, jail time is ALWAYS a possibility. Contact a local DUI lawyer...
I need help getting my lisence back please
Got a level 2 DUI in 2008.I've completed all my classes paid all my fines and court costs.The only thing that has stuck with me is a level 2 DUI in 2008.I've completed all my classes paid all my fines and court costs.the only thing that has stuck with mt the immobilization device. For the past 8 years I've had no encounter with the police and have recently completed a 1 year residencle drug and alcohol program.Is there any way around this so I can get my lisence back.
The process can be long and tedious. You need a lawyer to assist you getting the license back. It may require the...
Charged with Fail Obey Driv Lic Restrictions, because I was driving a car that didnt have the intoxilyzer on it, can I get it
dismissed? the story is that I had a dui in 2013 for blowing over .15 and i pled to the charges got 12 months probation, lots of counseling, and was supposed to do 6 months intoxilyzer, my stupid PO told me to wait until the end of probation to start the inotixler, so I finished probation but still have the intoxilyzer. I have two cars. the car I drive primarily has the intoxylyser, and my show car that I use for work to take to trade shows does not. I actuallygot the judge to dismis the impoundment order, because i told him, I use that car to take to car shows and trade shows. I am a auto mechanic and customizer. At the time i was pulled over for this, i was driving the car to a car show. So with these facs can i get it dismissed. Or was i supposed to have the intox on ech car i o
Can you get it dismissed and why does the judge want jail time. Those are your questions. I do not know why the judge...