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Dad witnessed a man get hit on his bicycle. The bicyclist was obviously intoxicated. my Dad stopped traffic until police arriv
Hello, My Dad witnessed an accident happen where a man on a bicycle was intoxicated swerving in and out of lanes (it was a two way road). My Dad drove past him carefully, that a minute later he see's him turn directly into another vehicle. My Dad stopped turned his truck around and blocked traffic. He wrote his report etc. but he is know being sue for 72K. He didn't touch the man who got hit, he simple was a witness protecting anyone else from getting hurt. They are blaming him for scaring the man on the bicycle as he passed by, thus causing him to crash. The man past away 3 days later and now 1 1/2 years later they are charging my Dad. How could this happen? isn't there a good Samaritan law?
Why $72K? Who is suing him? If the facts are as you stated, your father should not be facing liability. Consult with an...
What if it's non violent like a dui
DUI felony non injury
For what? This does not make sense. Try again...
What does a drug court evaluation entail?
I have court in a couple of wks in Riverside, Ca. On the calendar its says Drug Court Evaluation, what exactly is going to happen and is family allowed in the court room for it?
Best to call your attorney or drug eval people none of us have your case.
Can I get dui with just the DMV and not the criminal court ?
I was driving on the freeway I parked because I got a flat. I started walking to the nearest exit because my phone was dead. I was stopped by a chp and took me in to the station after I told him what happened. They took my id and never gave it back. They transferred me to the hospital from their station so I can sober up. I asked at the hospital if I was under arrest and they said no I would be free to go home once I sobered up. I never got or signed a ticket when I was at the station. Now weeks later I received a letter from the dmv saying my driving privileges are suspended for a year. But still no sign of myself being booked at the police station because I called and asked if I had any tickets and they told me they had no records of me ever being detained. So did they officers just mailed my id to the dmv and not ticket me for a dui since I was walking when I got stopped ? I really need help with this I'm really so confused with this situation.
The DMV hearing is a separate hearing for a different purpose then the criminal court. The DMV hearing is an...
Termination of DUI Class and excessive extension requests HELP
Hello I wanted to ask a question about my DUI situation . I have already finished my HAMM Program (Alternative Sentencing Program) and My MADD Program only Program that I've been out of luck with is the DUI Classes I'm halfways done but I'm now being terminated for too many absences . My classes are in Fontana and I live 45 mins away in Moreno Valley and I'm having trouble on transportation. I have already requested about 3-4 extensions so I'm afraid of judge giving me straight time I cant afford to spend any nights in jail I have my 3 year old daughter and a baby boy on the way . I' have a full time job as well . It's been a bit dificult for me but I'm almost done . What are your guys thoughts as professionals as what you guys do. I'm scared . Will I be able to get alternative sentencing if I do get jail time?
Speak to your attorney. There must be a closer DUI class than 45 minutes away that you could transfer to. It may just...
Can I get a restricted lic. a 2nd time if first one was susp. for sb38 termination but I'm reinstated now?
My restricted license was suspended for failure to complete SB 38 am I able to get a second restricted license if I have reinstated into my SB38 program? Also it has been almost five years since my DUI cases were filed. I had to reinstate twice with a judge at the court.
This sounds like a DMV issue. You should go down with the DMV of proof of your reinstated in the program and see what...
Is a second Felony DUI a wobbler?
I had a felony dui injury and now got arrested for a second Dui. They filed it as a felony. Is that a wobbler?
You need to speak to your lawyer about this. You really need a lawyer.