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Best attorney in Charlotte to represent me in my DUI charge
Charged with Dui and Restriction . Was stopped at a traffic stop. Previous record DUI 7 years ago.
The best attorney is the one you feel most comfortable with. Most of us offer free consultations.
My ex got a DUI. He lost his license but has standard limited driving privileges. Can he supervise our son, whom has his permit?
My ex frequently drives at times/ days not designated in his priviledges. He does this with our children in the oldest child is a new driver. He is aware his father has a dui. He found this out accidently. He knows there are times his dad drives illegally. This greatly concerns me. I have asked his father repeatedly to stop. I have offered to help with driving. None of this has helped. Do I have any legal recourse?
It is a tough question and really a matter of personal judgment for you. You could report him to the police, but that...
Will I still get into college with a pending DUI charge?
I was charged with a DUI about a month ago. I have hired a lawyer who will keep postponing as long as possible. I am applying to transfer from a CC to a university this year and on the application they asked if I have any pending charges, which is a yes. How do I explain? I realize how stupid I was but this is the first time I have ever broken the law and I hope it doesn't ruin everything I have worked so hard for.
IF there is a place to explain then do it. If there is just yes or no then check yes. Never lie on an application, they...
How to write about dui in i-485 form
I had DUI in past and i paid fine and did alcohal course too. i already checked Yes box in convicted question box but there is next question says "been the beneficiary of a pardon, amnesty, rehabilitation decree, other act of clemency, or similar action?" what should i check Yes or NO
Based on rhe DUI only and what you have proved fed. The answer should be. No but if you are not sure answer with an...
Underage drinking possession of fake id. What is going to happen? Are the charges going to be dropped?
This is my first offense ever. I typically drive my friends to the concert and parties but this time i thought i would try and drink. I know it was a huge mistake. I was at a concert and drank before in the parking lot. Police pulled me aside and took all my identification. I only had my fake id on me, i never used this to purchase anything and really only got it to 'fit in.' Did not take a breathalyser or field sobriety test. Charged with consumption at the age of 17 and possession of a fake id. I am going to get a lawyer and this is my first offense ever. I do at least three hours of community service every weekend, am an A student and have the goal of becoming a pharmacist so this effects my future. What else should I do? please help. The officer said it should get dropped after a class.
Ususally, yes the charges dropped with a class. They will still show on your record, as a dismissal. An expungement...
Need help understanding what comes with reckless driving.
I guess I'll start off with my story then questions. Well first off I'm 17 yrs old in North Carolina and got pulled over on the 4th of July going 88mph in a 70 zone since a friend and I were painting a barn and were running late so we were pushing around 85 and I believe the cop saw us when I was trying to merge to pass someone. Anyway, I've been reading up on reckless driving and all the damage it can do to your record and insurance rates rising. The officer recommended I do a driving course and he also said that would have a better chance of getting it taken off the insurance or at least lowered it to 79mph. I got my license suspended for the next 30 days. I also bumped into a guy in April but the ticket I got was dismissed. I just need some advice on exactly what I'm in for and any help
These situations are all unique and highly depend on your driving record. Having the right attorney could be the...
I can I sue smart start. For the interlock system they have out. It is the most in north Carolina. It don't work I keep
It don't work
This was listed under DUI when it's a civil law question.