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Can a realtor stop representing me, because someone else told them I am routinely intoxicated?
Husband and wife looking to purchase a home. Put an offer in on house number 1, and the realtor accepted the offer, after admitting she strongly smelled alcohol. The offer was not accepted by the homeowners and husband/wife went home, currently live 1400 miles away from where they want to live. House number 2 comes up, and they send their daughter and her spouse to look at it for them. After conversing via phone, sharing videos/pictures, husband and wife decide to put in an offer and contact the real estate agent. Papers are faxed to the husband/wife, signed and faxed back, the offer is accepted!! 6 days later the realtor calls husband/wife to Inform them that she can no longer represent them because she has been told they are drunks and may not have been capable of signing the faxes. The faxes were signed at a place of business near their home, since husband/wife do not own a fax machine; please note that husband/wife had to travel via car to get to this business and successfully interact with the employees at this business to share information as well as specific fax numbers. Agent admitted that she was told the drunk Info prior to sending and receiving the latter faxes.
The realtor can cease their representation of you at any time. Depending on what the contract says, they may have some...
Dui charges
An officer pulled me over and I did the field sobriety test.I failed it and it was raining heavly.he pulled me over at 11:30pm,the same day I was drinking till to 6pm,slept only 4hrs.I refused the chemical test and I asked for the blood test. It was my first time being arrest,if the blood test comes positive,is it anyway my case can be dismissed because I was drinking in the afternoon,slept 4hrs only and my first arrest?
No, the case will be all or nothing. Way to much to discuss to handle in this board.
Will I be charged with anything in the future?
I was dding my drunk friend home from someones house and got pulled over for speeding. I had drank a couple drinks like 4 and half hours before hand but was stone cold sober when I got behind the wheel. He breathalyzed purely because it was late on a college campus. He didn't reveal the results with me but processed my license and gave it back and said to slow down in the future. What if I blew like a .01 or less? Am I good to go or should I be worried? I am also underage.
You're probably fine. If you weren't issued a citation, or arrested, for being underage, driving and having...
My 18 year old daughter (college student) got a citation for under age drinking. What are penalties and do we need Lawyer.
My daughter and a group were approached in public and given breath test. She blew 0.03. This is the first time ever in trouble. they were not driving or in a car. What are the penalties and does she need a lawyer? Can the police just randomly single out a group of college students and give them a breath test? Seems strange to me with no visible alcohol.
She has options, the case may be trial-able, it may not. She certainly needs to avoid an conviction. I have helped many...
What do I do to get my license unrevoked
DMV revoked my license and I have a job interview coming up that requires a valid driver's license my car was not registered when I was pulled over but was registered a week after my court date and before the set time before it was supposed to be suspended
So your license is suspended for not handling a registration ticket? If so, a lawyer should be able to resolve the...
How long after a DUI arrest is an inventory search typically conducted?
I was recently arrested for a DUI (within the last 48 hours). Drugs were present in the cab of my car. I expected to be charged with possession while I was being booked for the DUI due to an inventory search. However, my keys and wallet were returned to me and I was released. I'm concerned that the inventory search has not yet been conducted and I will be arrested when I arrive at the towing company to pick up my car.
If you were arrested for DUI in SC, you will need to repost your question to SC DUI/DWI defense and show your...
Why was I arrested for a DWI without proof that I was under the influence
I was leaving a family gathering and was going home down a dark backroad that I am not familiar with but ws following my brother in law and a car comimng from the opposite direction with bright lights was coming toward me. My boyfriend grabbed the wheel to avoid being hit bu the car and we crashed into some trees. I was unconscience when officers arrived.
The officer may have based his decision on any odors he smelled, any statements made by you or anyone else on the scene,...