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  • CFD: Church fire that injured two firefighters inten...

    Wednesday Jun 24 | via WBTV 

    A church fire that sent one firefighter to the hospital and injured another Wednesday morning was intentionally set, the Charlotte Fire Department says. More than 75 firefighters responded the fire at Briar Creek Road Baptist Church around 3 a.m. One of the two firefighters who suffered heat-related injuries was taken to Carolinas Medical Center-Main.


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I got my 2nd DWI last Friday on my way home from a night out with some co-workers.
I was charged with my 2nd DWI last week. I wrecked my car on my way home, about .5 miles away from my house. I wrecked my car and was found by the police sometime afterwards, I don't recall the police officer being there. I awoke to a hospital bed and blood being drawn from my arm. The police officer provided my parents with an affidavit stating i fell under the implied-consent law and that blood would be drawn because I refused to get breathalyzed, which as I mentioned I don't remember being asked. I was involuntarily admitted into a psychiatric ward and remained there for five days, two of which were voluntary. I was prescribed anxiety medication and have seen a psychiatrist. I was also told that I should get an alcohol assessment. I forgot to mention the Blood test showed a .32 BAC.
I'm not sure what your question is. It sounds like you are in a very serious predicament and frankly it sounds like you...
Will I still need an interlock
I received a dui in 2004 in Raleigh nc, I was supposed to have an assesment and an interlock system for a year. I've since completed the assesment, my question is will I still need to have the interlock or is there a way around it. It has been 11 years with out a license I now have a family and a very nice life. I really need to get my license.
Very likely you still need the Interlock System, but you can check with the DMV to make sure. In my experience, they...
There was an error on a NC DUI ticket. The officer put the wrong vehicle year. Can the ticket be dismissed for that error.
Officer that wrote the ticket and gave the Sobriety tests was not the trooper that pulled me over so can he justify the reason for the stop. Also my Blood Sugar level was 420 when tested at intake after I said I was diabetic. I think this information should be important.
No, the citation will not likely be dismissed for the wrong vehicle year on the citation.
Just turned 18 and received a possession of malt beverage citation, how do i get it taken off my record?
Was in a car at a concert and was drinking, police came by and wrote me a citation. Did not get breathalyzed, so I do not believe it is a drinking ticket. How do i get this removed from my record, and do i need a lawyer?
Don't put the cart before the horse. First hire a lawyer to "beat" the case (or at least to try... sadly, not...
I was hit by a drunk driver in North Carolina. He was 100% at fault.
I don't know his policy limit, but I have 100k underinsured coverage. $10,000 in property damage already paid by his insurance company. Around 15k lost wages, and 15k in hospital bills. If I were to assume that his policy limits 100k, what kind of settlement could I expect? Using a multiplier of 3x, it would seem to go over the limit. Can I expect any compensation over his/my policy limit? I read a little about NC punitive damages, but don't think the guy has any personal assets. Thanks in advance
You need to speak (and subsequently meet) with a qualified attorney for a free consultation on the matter. Given the...
I had a DUI in 2007. I do not drink anymore, but bought a 1999 car and had an accident.
Because I was in shock and unconscious for a bit, the accident was blamed on me. I asked 3 times for a breathalyser & passed each time. The policeman was outside the ambulance and overhead me tell the EMT that I take klonapin so he wrote me up for DUI.. Doesn't that fall under HIPPA laws? I wasn't speaking to the officer.
You need to talk with a DWI lawyer. You may have solid defenses to this charge. A second DWI with an accident is a...
My dad has a DUI and immigration hold, what can we do?
my dad has an old DUI (2009) that he didn't fix and now he got stopped with another one. his bails bond is $3000 but he has an immigration hold since in 2002 he had an immigration court in Boston which was to far and couldn't go. he has a wife .a newborn and 2 older kids born here in the US and is a legal guardian of his niece which she don't have nobody besides him because her parents die. He was the only one working. is there any possibilities he can be out? or what can he do?
Hire an immigration attorney. Makes no sense to outright put the bond since all it will do is to transfer him to ICE...