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I'm 19, admitted to smoking marijuana, blew a .02 and refused the blood test. It is my first offense.
I am very confused on what to do next. I don't really have the money to hire an attorney, but i feel like a public defender isnt the best option either. I also had plans to join the military but now it seems like that is out of the question. is there anyway to get this off my record?
Please discuss this with an experienced DUI attorney. Your initial consultation will probably be free. You really...
In IL. my 15 year old was just given her choice of a citation or community service for underage drinking for an episode based
only on here say. The police have no evidence she drank except for other one girl who said she saw her. The police never saw my daughter drink and, never tested her for alcohol . Can she be in any trouble really on a case I say is based on no facts at all--just one witness who said she drank--this witness blew over the limit--so really the way I see it--the cops only witness was drunk--they have no evidence against my daughter---no legal case here is what I think--how about you????
I am not licensed in Illinois but he police do have a witness-that witness being drunk goes to the weight of the...
Do i need a lawyer to get a court extension for a dui?
I got charged for my only dui last year, and i haven't finished my community service or payed my court fee. This would be the first extension
You should bring a lawyer. Failure to complete your terms is a violation of your court order. You can end up in jail...
Will I be Drug tested at my DUI evaluation
I was arrested for a DUI my lawyer got me court supervision and I didn't get my license revoked, I have to go to a DUI evaluation before my next court date, will I be drug tested? I blew a .092
In Cook County, drug tests are required as part of the evaluations for cases heard at the Daley Center or at the...
Can a false DUI be removed from your driving record?
I had a car accident on 4/16/15. It was an accident with injury so I had to leave a blood and urine sample. I was ticketed and after the case went through traffic court and I got my license back, I received a letter in the mail saying they were going to suspend my license because of what showed up in the blood and urine tests. I wanted to see the lab report, The state police said the hospital had the test and the hospital said the state police had the report. I had to pay for court time to contest the suspension. The lawyer I had for traffic court said I had to wait for the suspension to be in effect before I could do anything. In court I finally saw the lab report and the only thing they found was Acetaminophen in my urine. I told them that Acetaminophen is Tylenol. Every body I talked to from lay people to doctors said Acetaminophen in not a controlled substance it is over the counter medication and you license should not have been suspended. The judge still said it was a controlled substance and the suspension will continue. I have heard a lot about how I should have handled this and don't need to hear any more. What I want to know is what can I do now?
Presumably the 30 days for filing to vacate your plea (if there was a plea) or for a post judgment motion, your remedy...
I beat my dui in illinois. can I get my license back now?
Caught dui in February got suspension in March for a year beat my case today now I'm trying to get my license back
Not unless you also beat the sss. If you did not, having your physical license would not render you valid to drive....
I was arrested for DUI, months later I get a new ticket in mail
I was arrested for DUI, was going to court then out of blue I get another ticket w/suspension notice 10 months later. This made it look like I received another DUI 10 mo later. I was order a yr court supervision. I've finished that now dmv says I wasn't suspended I was revoked & I have to apply for a lisc with state & have a breathalyzer in my vehicle! Why would this officer send a new ticket 10mo later!
You had to have had a prior suspension. That's my guess. Did you have a lawyer? Call him or her and get this mess...