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what are my chances of staying completely out of jail or treatment? I would gladly do community service or STS or house arrest. I don't have the greatest record but no felonies on it. I work full time and I am in school part time. Again, what are my chances of at least avoiding jail time? what are some good measures I can take to help my case? what are my chances with a public defender vs chances with a private attorney?
You are looking at a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 days in jail (2 in custody and 28 EHM). Probably more if you are...
1st DWI with high BAC. BAC was close to being misdemeanor. I know I will be told it is not smart to represent myself but I have no choice. I financially can not afford a private lawyer. Will I be able to discuss this with the prosecutor before hand to determine what will happen if I do plead guilty? I am not trying to fight this as I know what I did wrong. I would like to minimize penalties. Or is there a way to prolong court until I do have the money in two months to hire a private lawyer?
What county are we talking? That help answer your questions.
I feel my rights were violated and laws were broken
Female? There are many good ones here on avvo. You can select "Find a Lawyer" at the top of the page. Good luck.
it was charged with vehicular homicide in a four car pile up
No, the initial PC hold is done to give the prosecutor time to file charges against you. If they fail to file the...
Driving at 3:15 AM, wanted to get home, my car's clutch about 75 ft from a 4 way stoplight intersection broke, was unable to drive, got out of car, hazards were on, keys were in ignition but off, next thing i know it squads are behind me, but I was out of the car. There was a passenger as well sitting in shotgun, 23, but drunk. I am also 23 years old...I want this as painless as possible, as I need to be able to get to the hospital to build my resume to become a medical doctor, I cannot have this hinder me.
I am sorry to hear of your troubles. As you know, a DWI is a very serious offense. At a minimum, it is a fourth...
I just got a DWI, and I'm on a H1b visa. I hired a lawyer who is specialized in DWI subject matter. I am yet to go to the courts for this DWI charge. 1) Should I also hire a immigration attorney or consult one? 2) What are the implications of a DWI (0.10, no one was hurt) on h1b status? 3) Can I return to the USA if I have a trip planned abroad? 4) Is there any specific ways to plead the case where it will not affect my h1b status? I am a professional and have a good public record with community service involvement and credentials. (i just happened to unwittingly make a poor decision on that day) My H1b is up for renewal in Sep 2014
Speak to the lawyer you have hired and ask him or her these questions. In general you should consult with an...
i was arrested for DWI and blew a .08 and later released from jail that night. this was my first DWI
Keeping your license: You will have to file a petition with the district court to have a judge review your license...