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Can I be charged with dwi when I wasn't driving, but said I was.
Charged with dwi & test refusal. My boyfriend was driving, but I wasn't in the right state of mind & told them I was driving. I didn't refuse the test, i asked for a lawyer.
You can be charged if the prosecutor thinks there is probable cause that you committed a DWI and a test refusal. Your...
What should I do Do I need a lawyer/ public defender?How to hire Will it affect my f-1 visa? What punishment would I face?
I'm from Nebraska and was charged with Fourth-Degree Dwi in Minnesota with an alcohol concentration of 0.10 but passed the diagnostic check. I have a clean background with no records and this would be my first time getting charged for dui. Also, I'm an international student with an F1-visa and would be graduating next semester. I
Hire a lawyer if you are able to. The question about your visa is a complicated one. You'll want an attorney that can...
I am getting bail back but am I entitled to any money back
I was charged with a dui and it was dropped because the results weren't in.I hired a attorney.
No. I am only writing this part to comply with the minimum character requirement for responses.
I got a DUI 7 years ago in Minnesota. I know need to travel to Canada and told I cannot. How and how quick can I get this fixed
Ability to travel to Canada with DUI on record
It's hard to give a 100% definitive answer because we hear differing reports from people. My current understanding is...
Should I move my case to motions hearing or Should I take the plea of DWI and get Careless removed?
I have been charged with a third degree DWI, careless driving. My lawyer who cost me over $5k went to court twice with me for pre-trial where she worked up a deal with a prosecutor for me to plead to the DWI and that the careless driving will be taken off. I am an international student. Is it better for me to take the plea or should I move my case to motions and eventually to jury trials. Or is it better for me to just take the plea? I also somewhat believe my attorney who charged me all that money should try and work a better deal since she did not have to do much apart from talking to the prosecutors. Please advice?
No one on this forum can advise persons represented by another attorney. If you have questions about your case you...
Can I continue to drive out of state with WI license or can I acquire MN license and still be OK? Thanks!
I received a 1st offense OWI in Wisconsin in February 2016. I am from WI but have lived in MN since July 2015. I continue to reside in Minnesota and my license will be suspended March 25, 2016. I read Wisconsin is not part of two interstate consortiums involving sharing information between states.
I believe Wisconsin is part of the intestate compact and I know I've had client that were in the reverse situation who...
Does the judge has a power to expunge a DWI in Minnesota ?
Is it possible to expunge a Misdemeanor DWI in Minnesota, which occurred 5 years ago and you plead guilty to it. It is the first and the only offense !
The decision whether or not to expunge a criminal conviction is up to the judge. Recent amendments to the law with...