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I called the state trooper and called the adjuster back and left a message, my question is what happens now my vehical is damaged
You inform your insurance company if you have comp and collision, if not you sue her.
When he registered at the jail he was told he has to take a drug test, he smokes marijuana and is now scared he will have to serve the remainder of the 90 days. If he fails the test only has 2 days so will fail test. The way I read the paper from the jail I took it he would just have to serve his 8 days in a row and not be eligible for the weekend program. His order from the court had no mention of drugs just said would not have or consume alcohol for 12 months and he has to take the program Asap. And the box for probation was not checked. So will he be in jail the 90 days or just the 8?
If he has to serve the time straight, rather than on weekends, he will generally serve half the time, 4 days (unless he...
I was convicted of a second DUI and sentenced to 180 days with 160 suspended, with the 20 days being mandatory. I decided to pull my time on weekends and when i registered for jail the captain told me that i'd be pulling 10 days, because it was a misdemeanor it was explained to me that i'd be pulling day for a day. I fulfilled my 10 days and have now been issued a show cause as to why i didn't pull the remaining 10. After contacting the jail, i've found out that the court did not put MANDATORY on the order for the jail. Do i have a case for dismissal because of this error on the courts part?
That's a great issue. Generally mandatory time means that you can't get "good time credit". But you did what was...
i was sentenced to a second DUI, the judge gave me 180 days with 160 suspended. when i registered for jail they told me to pull 10 days, because it was a misdemeanor i pulled day for day. ( i was doing weekends) i fullfilled my time and then got a show cause summons for not completing the 20 days from the court. the jail said they didn't put on the order that i pull any MANDATORY amount of time and that it was the courts job to do so. do i have a case? can it be dismissed due to their error?
You should see a local attorney to get more facts becasue this is a good question. My first reaction is you don't get...
Pulled over while texting at night because i swerved a little on the road. I had also been drinking not too long before being pulled over. I did the field sobriety tests and passed, then i blew a .08 Another officer came and took my car and parked it at a nearby church and i was then taken to the station. At the station i blew two more times, which was a .06 and then a .08 I was told i had a DWI but am free to call someone to pick me up, however nobody answered and i stayed in the cell till i was released at 4 a.m. when i got a taxi and picked up my car and went home. My license was also suspended a week. This is my 1st offense and it is a Class 1 misdemeanor
You absolutely should not handle this yourself. Get a DUI attorney IMMEDIATELY. Stay off line with any more...
I was convicted of the one DUI. WIll this hurt my chances of employment? How common are DUIs in the US?
A DUI from most states will show up on one's criminal record. These convictions are extremely common.
My revocation period has ended for my DUI and don't think I have time to go through the process of relicensing in Hawaii before I move to Virginia.
The easiest way to get that answer is to go to DMV and apply for a license or request a compliance summary if you are...