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Can Nassau County Drug Test you at your pre-sentencing meeting with the probation officer?
First time in trouble. Plead guilty to Dwi in Nassau County, refused to blow, plead 2 years probation. Before court sentencing I have to meet with the probation officer for a pre-sentencing report. Will they drug test here? I went to Oasis and got a positive evaluation stating no substance or alcohol problem and no treatment needed. No one told me if they will be testing.
It's always possible that they will test, although they typically don't at a PSI. But you definitely want to try to be...
Am I allowed to leave the state after being released on ROR for a dwi charge? I'm in NY if that changes things.
I was arrested for a dwi charge the other night and I was released on my own recognizance the next morning after going to court. I had already had a trip planned to Arizona to go and look for a new job and apartment as I've been planning to move for quite a while now. Am I allowed to leave the state still? I already purchased the plane ticket and can't get a refund and I need to move soon because my lease on my house will be ending soon.
Dear Mineola Driver: I am changing the subject category from Landlord and Tenant. I gather you did not inform the...
Applying to get driver's license back after revocation by NYS DMV for DWI and DUI
Hi: I was arrested for DWI and driving while impaired within 6 months about 4 years ago. I pled guilty, got in-house treatment and outpatient treatment and entered a 12-step program. I have now been sober since the day of my second arrest. The Judge ordered that I be allowed to keep my driver's license, although I had to get an interlock, and sentenced me to 3 years' probation. However, Probation advised me that NYS DMV had suspended my license for 6 months. After that 6 month period was completed, Probation gave me a letter to bring to DMV, recommending that my driver's license be reinstated, with ignition interlock. I brought this to DMV, and was advised that DMV had revoked my license for 5 years. I was told by attorneys that it would cost a lot of money to challenge this, and that I might not be successful. I just completed Probation. My Probation officer recommended that I go to DMV to reapply, and sue if I wasn't given my license back. I am seeking advice on what to do.
My advice for your next step is to call the State DMV in Albany. Local DMV workers sometimes give inconsistent...
How long does a DA have to notify you of a grand jury indictment?
Was pulled over in Nassau County on my to work for no seat belt.. license had been suspended the day of for failure to pay 3rd year of DWI responsibility fee... based on that officer asked if I had been drinking, had not (10 am on my way to work). Brought me to station blew 0.0 asked me to submit to blood test.. after discussion with my lawyer (had used cocaine 72 hours earlier) submitted to test.. was chargedefinetly with DWI drugs (felony) bmc of prior... 6 months later test comes back DA says there were metabolites (no other details) but had not used any other drugs.. case went to Grand jury 4 weeks ago... haven't heard anything at all.. any idea how long it takes them to inform you of indictment or no true bill? Don't have another court date pending these results.. appreciate any opinions
Speak with your attorney. Are you sure the case was presented to a GJ? They have 6 months to indict you from when...
A friend is charged with felony drunk driving. How do I find out the status?
He's been out on bail. He's had a few court dates. Court date was yesterday. Webcrims listed it as "waived exam-held for grand jury" The case has disappeared from the search on webcrims.
It sounds like the case was waived to the Grand Jury. There will be no new date until the grand jury takes action or...
Traveling to Canada by cruise from USA with DWI
I had a DWI 6 years ago. Sentence was a conditional discharge, and I have not gotten into any trouble before or since. We're taking a cruise in less than a month, and I was just told there might be a problem. Paperwork takes 6 months to a year to process, so it won't be done by the time we're leaving. I plan on getting all the court documents and paperwork together so I'll have it ready on the ship, but is this going to be a little problem, or a big problem? If I just stay on the boat for that day, can this all be avoided? We're only going to be docked in Canada for less than 12 hours.
Canada treats DUI/DWI offenses for visitors in a very peculiar way. Best advise is to immediately consult with an...
ACOD with the DWI to DWAI Nassau County?
Hello, Earlier this year I was arrested and charged with a DWI and as police searched my vehicle, 221.15 (Criminal Possession Marijuana 4th degree). Last Court date I struck a deal with the district attorneys office to enter into a program consisting of drug treatment and some other things, and when I go back to court in a few months the DWI will be reduced to a DWAI at sentencing. We never really spoke much about the 221.15 though. I am assuming since they are reducing the DWI to DWAI they most likely will reduce the 221.15 to a disorderly conduct or perhaps give me an ACOD? Is this realistic since they offered me a reduction to DWAI it would make no sense to be convicted on 221.15. I spoke to my lawyer about this and they said that I likely will have it dismissed..but is this even possible? I thought most marijuana causes in NY are given an ACOD? If you folks had to guess, am I getting an ACOD on the 221.15 when I go back to get my reduction to DWAI? My lawyer said not to worry about it but my mind is thinking of all the possibilities..and this would be a real waste of time if convicted of 221.15 since it would give me a record. No other offenses ever clean record
The Nassau County District Attorney's office will, in many cases consent to dismiss lower charges on the same docket or...