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Can I be charged with a felony "under the influence of a controlled substance" in Nevada after a positive blood test for THC?
I was driving in Nevada and the officer "smelled marijuana" and said that was probable cause to have my blood drawn and submit to field sobriety tests, etc. I was charged with DUI and a felony "under the influence" after (I can only assume) testing positive for THC.
Probable cause depends on the facts on whether there were other occupants. Also, based on the recent Supreme Court case...
How do I get out of this dwi?
I got pulled over yesterday for failure to use a turn signal when they pulled me over they asked for license and registration and I have it to them. I then tried to reach for my marijuana and threw it into the font , they saw me and told me to put it back and get out of the car . I got out of the car they searched and asked me question like "what have you been doing tonght?" I told them I smoked a bowl or 2 . They put me in handcuffs and did not read me my rights. Brought me to jail then blood tested me and now I was bailed out my friend paid the full 3,000$ amount and now I'm trying to figure out a way to fight it so my friend can get his money back.
You need to hire a good criminal defense attorney for starters. Also, in the future, do not admit to having committed...
How do I keep my license after my second DUI.
My second DUI was two weeks ago. My first dui was in 2007. My next court date is 10-24-16, and I need my license for work.
The suspension of your license is through the DMV and not the Court. You will absolutely need to hire a criminal...
Why do people get DUI court extentions
Ex husband got arrested for a dui in Feb 2016. He has had 3 court dates that have all been moved to a later date and now his court date from yesterday has been moved up to October. Why does this keep happening? Is,he getting special treatment? He spent 2 nights in jail for this, not his first time getting dui. I'm really amazed at court system, what is or who is allowed to get away with stuff.
Court continuances are very common for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the prosecutor doesn't have all the discovery...
Can I attend any DUI class licenses by the DMV?
I was charged with a first offense DUI in Las Vegas a month ago. The justice court told me I had to attend an online DUI class and the bailiff told me to go to the alternative sentencing dept on the 3rd floor and gave me a slip of paper for LRS. It was strongly implied to me by the court official and judge that I should go to LRS systems for my online drunk driving class through this business, but I did some digging and saw other DUI classes online like www.123DUIOnline.com for only $95 compared to their $250+ class. I was told the DMV licenses DUI schools and saw their huge list of DUI classes on their site, but everyone is telling me to go this more expensive school because it's 'recommended' by the court. Is there any difference in taking a different DUI class if all I have to do is a level 1 drunk driving school? I saw LRS is even managed by an ex-judge from the Las Vegas Justice Court. That just doesn't seem to sit right. I can't afford to spend the extra few hundred dollars if it doesn't make any difference in my court requirements. It's very confusing and I just want to make sure I do everything right without spending more than I have to on this DUI.
In CA DUI online classes must be approved by court. However, CA DMV does not accept online courses to meet DMV requirement.
I never took my DUI classes in California and I now live in Nevada - how do I satisfy the Court and DMV?
I have completed everything the court asked except the DUI classes and it's been almost 4 years since I was initially arrested. I moved out to Nevada and I want to make everything right and get a Nevada License. I am going to get a waiver packet from the DMV but I need to know if, once it is approved, I can immediately get a Nevada License? Can I take Online NV DUI classes to satisfy the court order in CA AND the NV DMV? Or do I even need to do that after the waiver? I have no plans to get a CA drivers license again so I'm not worried about satisfying CA DMV. Lastly, if I have to take the online course, once it is completed will they notify the court of completion or do I have to physically drop it off at their office?
If there is a warrant for noncompliance with your court order alcohol program, the Waiver isn't going to help you...
When will I know if I may be getting a possible DUI ?
I got in a very serious accident 4 days ago. I fell asleep at the wheel, rolled my car and hit a power line. My car was totaled. When I was in the hospital a cop came and did a BAC test. I admitted to drinking and was crying. I was pretty out of it and traumatized, but I remember him saying "you're a good kid, you just made a mistake." I wasn't taken to jail, or handed any papers or anything. Should I still be concerned about a possible DUI, how does this work? could he maybe have dropped the case?
You should be concerned. The officer may have decided not to cite you or the summons may already be in the mail....