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Does a Fl. state certified DUI Counselling facility have the right to "Drug test" me? I have no PO & no Court issues Plz advise
I got a DUI reduced to reckless driving. I completed my court plea agreement in full. I had no PO.Officer and no Drug-testing during this whole process, now after all that is complete I must complete 12-32 weeks of alcohol counselling through a state certified counselling place. Why do they have the right to drug test me? Especially for a DUI reduced to reckless driving charge? I'm thinking this is illegal? I have to give my DNA and urine to a non-profit organization? And if I failed the drug test....who would they report that too and what data bank does this info. get stored in? Please advise on the best legal way to handle this for the least amount of money, seeing as I've been sucked dry by this process., Respectfully, Concerned American
Is part of your sentence for Reckless Driving that you go to a state certified treatment center for evaluation and...
How do I get my license cleared from a 2004 DUI which was dropped ?
Got a DUI in 2004 in Key West, Fl. Lost license for 1 year and was ordered a breathalizer on my car for 1 year. 1) Don't own a car or have a car 2) In 2005 there was a Major Hurricane in the Florida Keys and my DUI case was dismissed after about 2 months into it, my license was returned to me BUT they never dismissed the breathalizer from my record. My license has expired, so I went to the DMV to get a new one, it shows my license is clean except the breathalizer ?????
your dui may have been dismissed, but the administrative suspension stayed on the record as the State Attorney does...
10/20/2011 arrested for DUI. Convicted on 8/6/2012. Florida license and was living in Missouri. DUI in Michigan.
I lost my home in Missouri 3 months ago came to Florida to take care of license. Have not drank since arrested. Now I had to go to a DUI class and Evaluation during the evaluation the evaluator raised her voice and told me to set and be quite until told otherwise. was tested for alcohol use it was negative. she said it had a blue strip on it and asked if I had been drinking I told her I have not drank since my arrest 5 years ago. At the end of the evaluation I was reaching for my things and was yeld at again, told to sit and not move until I was told to do so. She said I have been untruthful and needed counseling. I now have to go to counseling for 12 weeks 3 months once a week and aa twice a week. I believe this happens to everyone that goes there. regardless of a problem or not.
Is there a question I can help you with?
Baker acted in 2009 for being to drunk by wife was in around 8 pm out by 11 am the next day never any other problem
will this keep me from a ccw here in florida had 2 dui's over 12 years ago i've cleaned up my life and have had no other problems at all having "save driver" now listed on my DL
Take the "test" at the following link and you will have your answer: Please see: https://licensing....
License revoked in FL for 4 DUIs. Lived in Michigan since 2004. Can't get my license in MI bc of hold in FL. What can I Do?
Per FL, my license was revoked May 24, 2004 for 4 DUIs. No DUIs were in FL. My last DUI conviction was in 2004. I have lived in Michigan since 2004 and have gone through the hearing process to be cleared to drive in MI. I was cleared a few years ago and issued a temporary license, but was told that FL had placed a hold on my license and I was not able to get my permanent license. I was told from a FL law firm that since my case is no longer open, there isn't much that can be done and I needed to contact the DMV. Can I take the DUI courses, Interlock readings etc. in MI and send the information to FL? What do I need to do now to get my license in Michigan? Thank you for your time and input.
You need to apply for a Florida hardship license. You will need to comply with all of Florida's requirements, hoping...
What are the penalties for a first time DUI in Brevard County, Florida?
I was arrested, booked and then granted a pretrial release. I have a court date with Judge Babb, Div 9 in the Viera courthouse.
The 1st time penalties for a DUI can be a bit harsh, regardless of what county your case is in and are dependent on...
1st DUI charge and looking for lawyer and advice.
I was arrested in Brevard County, Florida. This is my first offense. I have no prior arrests. The cops stated they pulled me over for "failure to stay in designated lane". I complied with the field tests and blew a .28. I was released on cash bond the next morning. Currently searching for a top DUI defense lawyer. Any recommendations and my chances of reduced sentence, etc.
We're not permitted to make recommendations here. All we can say is to use the find a lawyer function.