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  • Grandmother found dead in trunk of Kia

    Tuesday Mar 14 | via Daily Mail 

    Her body was found January 9 in her black Kia's trunk parked in an apartment complex in Milwaukie, Oregon Merrilee Bonnie Cooley, 68, was found dead in her car trunk on January 5, police are still trying to figure out what happened Police are baffled by the mystery of a woman who was found dead in her trunk, with handcuffs linked on one wrist, a bottle of water, a plastic bag of cookies and used duct tape in the trunk. Merrilee Bonnie Cooley, 68, of Johnson City, Oregon, was killed but authorities have not yet said how, according to Oregon Live .


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  • Oregon woman who accidentally killed elderly neighbo...

    Tuesday Mar 14 | via The Campbell Reporter 

    A young woman who fired a gun during an argument with her boyfriend - inadvertently killing her elderly neighbor - has been sentenced to six years and three months in prison. After the shooting last June, Noelle St. John, then 21, told investigators she had grabbed her boyfriend's .380 caliber handgun while they were arguing at his apartment in the Portland suburb of Milwaukie.


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  • Woman who fired gun, inadvertently killed elderly ne...

    Monday Mar 13 | via 

    A woman who fired a gun while standing in the open doorway of her boyfriend's Milwaukie-area apartment last year and inadvertently killed an elderly neighbor was sentenced to six years and three months in prison. Noelle St. John, 22, pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter last Monday in Clackamas County Circuit Court for the June 24, 2016, death of 80-year-old Donna McQueen.


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  • Suspect who crashed into 2 county sheriff's cars get...

    Monday Feb 27 | via 

    A 30-year-old man was sentenced Monday to one year and seven months in prison for crashing into two sheriff's cars in unincorporated Clackamas County last month. Jeremy Grina pleaded guilty in Clackamas County Circuit Court to assault of a public safety officer and was ordered to pay a little more than $13,000 in restitution.


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Milwaukie Law

Does hire an attorney can minimize the impact of my case?
Hello My name is Khoa Tran (scott) 46 year old male. This is my first time DUI. On the evening of 1/11/17 approximately 11pm I got pulled over for speeding driving over 10 miles speeding limits of 35. I believe I did very well on the sobriety tests eyes following the pen and walking toes to heels on icy road. The officer read me my rights and arrested me in Clackamas county and transport me to the county jail, at 12am I took a breath test and blew the result at 0,8%. I was placed in the drunk tank and released at 7am on 1/12/17. After finished being processed I was very polite and cooperative answered all the questions to the officer and shooked his hand wish him luck, he shooked my hand and thanks me for being honest and cooperative.
First of all: You should never post your name or any other personally identifying information to this site, or anywhere...
17 - 20 Years ago my husband got a DUI in WA state - Just got another in OR
17 - 20 Years ago my husband got a DUI in WA state - Just got another in OR. Washington State keeps DUI's on record forever - will the Oregon judge see his previous DUI? Can it be used against him now?
Prosecutors will typically run an interstate check for criminal record. This very old DUI will almost certainly come up....
What will happen if I get called to court to show cause why my diversion should not be terminated.
I have had two dirty UAs since entering my treatment program. I would have shaped up but my counselor didn't tell me about the dirty UAs until after the second one! I knew I shouldn't have been drinking at all and am in violation of my diversion agreement, but what can I do now? What am I supposed to do to show cause why my diversion shouldn't be terminated? I've quit drinking, peed clean but that was just before my summons was sent out so the court hasn't seen that. They will see my compliance by the time of the court date, but I'm still just really worried! Anything I can do to improve my chances of remaining in diversion? Thank you!
The best thing you can do from here on out is to maintain your sobriety and be honest with your counselor. Continue to...
Will there be a problem if I leave the state (oregon) for just the weekend to travel to Texas?
I got a DUI in oregon, and I am currently doing the diversion program. I will be finished with diversion on April 26 but I plan on travelling to Texas in mid April just for the weekend. I spoke with my counselor and she stated it was ok as long as I made it to diversion class. But would there be any issues with the court?
There's no way for us to be able to tell you the answer to this based only off a few lines you wrote over the internet....
Can I be charged with a dui for smoking pot and driving on camera
I smoked pot in my parked car then drove home, a few days later the cops showed up at my house and said they saw it on camera. Can I be charged with a dui for this?
The OSP Crime Lab forensic scientists are testifying that people show driving impairment from weed for 2-3 hours in...
Do i get a free attorney before my hearing dec 27 or after and do i plead guilty or not? I just dont want jailtime
I drank at home with ny fiancee took the dog out notice i didnt have smokes went to a gas station which was 2 minutes away and parked and got out when i noticed a cop behind me and told me to get back in. They did tests on me and beiny my fault i had bigger shoes on and i must of failed. They searched my car and found small shot drinks which was closed. When i got pulled over i thought it was befause1 i swerved because my puppy came onto my lap. They took me to their office made mw blow several times i believe like 10 times. Then they released me. The ticket says dui it doesnt not state i was careless driving or swerving or anything. I dont they had a cause to pull me over. This is my second dui.. I was gulity on my first one it was my birthday but never again did i do this i just cant afford a attorny again.court appearance is dec 27 i want to plead not guilty and i also want to know is that when i ask for a lawyer or before?
A good lawyer will advise you to plead not guilty, and many take credit cards, get one
I don't make much
On Halloween I was arrested for DUI and after child support and separate maintenance for myself I have very little money left over yet Clackamas County Oregon says I make too much money to be appointed a public defender. I cannot afford an attorney what will happen to me now?
I am not sure why you put this under child support, you are really asking about getting a public defender for a...