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Parties engaged in settlement neg. Defense requests date for possible resolution of this matter. Matter set for a "soft plea hea
My ex is being charge with 3 owi/ w minor 16 years old and possession of sell cocaine Felony u Misd u
Soft in this case means a tentative plea. Some judges, particularly in Milwaukee Co., will set a case for a plea...
Do I qualify for Canadian Point system PR if I have a DUI ?
I unfortunately got DUI in 2005 in Wisconsin. I paid all the fine and took all relevant steps and classes which were required. I have my under grad and MBA from US university and am currently in USA. I just wanted to know that with DUI history am I eligible for Canadian point system PR or no?
You will want to post this question not in your physical location, but the jurisdiction that would determine your legal...
I got a dui in 2007, and as I'm trying to look it up, all I'm finding is a bench warrant for my arrest issued in January of 2008
I just got my second dui, and I am trying to find out when I actually received my first dui, as it's very close to the 10 year mark. All I am finding is a bench warrant for my arrest in January of 2008. I am very confused on this.
Get an OWI attorney. If you have a warrant, it is likely that the matter was not resolved. An attorney can help you...
How can I avoid an OAR charge in WI.
I have an occupational license and was driving outside of my scheduled hours. My regular license is do to be reinstated October of 2017. If I plead not guilty will it buy me enough time to avoid charges by getting my license re instated?
Reinstating later is not a defense to driving after revocation, which is the real charge here, even if it was just...
What do I do to fight a refused breath test all though I hadn't been drinking?
I was driving and hit some ice while driving, being from out of state I called the local law. I hadn't been drinking but the cop when approached asked if the truck was able to be driven off the bridge. Once we had parked it he said he wanted to do a field sobriety test which he told me I failed when I did all he had told me. Regardless he informs me that he smells alcohol. Haven't not been drinking that night I was all ready upset that my truck was wrecked. Young cop that had been calling in for information on how to proceed. I refused to do anymore tests which I find out is worse than just taking the test. What are the legal options to fight this case?
If this occurred within the last 10 days, you have time to file a request for a refusal hearing with the appropriate...
Does statute of limitations apply to skipping a DUI court hearing?
A relative was arrested for DUI in Dec., 2012, and then skipped his January hearing date and fled Wisconsin. Will he be a fugitive for the rest of this life, or is there a date when he can safely return to WI without fear of arrest for skipping court?
The statue of limitations generally doesn't run once the person leaves the jurisdiction of the Court. There's very...
Do i plead not guilty or no contest when in court for a first time OWI charge?
Was operating a vehicle under the influence. Then refused the chemical breath test. Was booked at the Milwaukee Sheriffs Department and held for 12 hours without a phone call.
If you plead "no contest" you will be found "guilty" by the judge. If you plead "not guilty" you will be able to...