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I received a summons for a hearing of my court case with a note marked "review misc".
I was convicted of a DUI in June of last year. I've been in compliance with my sentencing. I've completed treatment. I have had an interlock installed in my car with no warning or fails since before pleading guilty. I've paid my fine. Basically all the boxes are checked. What would cause my case to be reviewed?
Has everything you've done been filed with the court? Your attorney should be answering your questions
Do you know if a felony conviction can be vacated if it's attached to another crime like DUI with same cause #? Not vacate dui
I'm trying to see if a felony with the same cause number as a dui can be vacated. It was taken to pierce county court and the prosecutor said although the felony qualifies to be vacated and petitioner meets the requirements, it can't be due to being tied to a dui and if one were vacated they both would have to be
I do not, but your question appears to have the answer.
Can I get a DUI deferred prosecution for my mental health?
I'm a Veteran with a service connected mental health condition. I moved 2 years ago and stopped taking my meds. I sank into depression and drugs use prior to getting an dui 3 weeKS ago. I've sense called the VA and I'm currently in mental treatment and attending 2 groups a week. This is my 3rd lifetime dui, one 17 years ago and the other over 25 years. My record is crystal clean for the last 17 years. I'm looking for an attorney who clearly understands mental health deferred prosecution and experience with va programs a plus.
Thank you for your service. Look under the tab above here on AVVO find a lawyer and start calling in your area with vet...
What happens if I received a charge for driving on suspended liscense while on DUI 2 year deferred?
I never received anything in the mail stating my liscense was suspended. But none the less got pulled over and charged for driving on suspended. I also got one month non compliance for financial suspension in treatment but made my groups up. I have probation violation. I'm on 2 year deferred
You could be revoked out of this deferred prosecution you need to use an attorney to help you
What is Washington states dol statue of limitations for 17yr old case where courts destroyed records after case closed
Dol wants proof of alcohol program completion to lift drivers license suspension but case closed thru court & destroyed records on 17 yr old case how to prove to dol I met requirements
DOL must act on a licensing action within 3 years.
How do I provide proof to dol of completing alcohol program on 17yr old case if courts closed & destroyed records
I have completed requirements for court and case is closed & records destroyed on 17yr old case but dol wants proof of alcohol program to lift suspension to obtain my driving license.
This may be difficult because of the age of the case (as I'm sure you've realized). If you remember where you got the...
How can I provide proof of alcohol treatment completion to dol on a 17 year old case when the courts have already destroyed file
I have a 17 year old case for driving on suspended; dwi; hit & run to which I was required by the courts to complete an alcohol program & pay fines. My case closed thru courts & destroyed records
Try contacting your attorney and the alcohol agency. They may have proof. If the DOL still insists of proving you...