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Can I get a kentucky license on a DUI suspended california license in kentucky?
Ok, so I got a DUI last month, in kentucky on a california license. I called California's DMV and they said my record for kentucky hasn't hit their record "yet." I just moved here to kentucky, and kentucky said they suspended it for 30 days when california said it will be suspended for 2 years. I'm attending DUI classes on Kentucky's terms for 2 weeks (18 hours as required.) And have paid all my fines. Will I be able to go to Kentucky's DMV and try to get my license reinstated and it be valid? Or do I play Russian roulette when I get in my vehicle wondering if my license is valid or not? Who has jurisdiction here? I'm so lost. It seems like a double jepordy to me. Being punished for the same crime twice.
You definitely do not want to be driving if you do not know whether or not you are legally able to do so. That could...
What will happen if my ex wife got in a wreck while d.u.i with both kids in the car?
My exwife was arrested for dui with both of our kids in the car and was evolved in a wreck...4months ago was arrested for a hit and run with both kids in the car...we have a open cps case already for her drug use shes been to rehab ordered by the courts but she checked her self out and failed a drugtest for cps.. I filled a eco but judge turned it down since there is no custody agreement, but 3 days ago was the whats my chances of getting full custody?..should i file another eco based on her possitive drug screen for cps and this dui and wanton endangerment charge?...or am i wasting my time?..i feel like my kids are at risk with her and ive tried to make the change but this same (female judge) keeps ruling in her favor, im a working 33yr male who has passed everything cps throws at me..home visits,interviews,drug screens, ive been a youth AAU head basketball coach for 10yrs, im also a headcoach for one of our local elementry schools football im credible in our communtity...why cant i be the current on my child support, i work, im not a felon, got my own house, car, and feel im better fit parent...why? Cant i get ahead..please help...bullitt co. Kentucky
Do you already have an attorney? If not, you need one badly. I don't take those types of cases but I can give you some...
My boyfriend just got his lisence suspended in Kentucky for 6 months. Can he still drive in Indiana ? He has an Indiana DL.
He was drinking and driving and he's under age. So he got a DUI and got his lisence suspended for 6 months and he has to take classes. Does Kentucky not have a law where he can drive to school and back only ? And also can he still drive in Indiana ? He has an Indiana drivers lisence. or is it just suspended in Kentucky ?
His Indiana license and driving privileges are suspended in Kentucky. He can drive in any other state until Indiana...
How do I read my driving record? CV? HM? CONV/ADM?
I plead guilty to a first offense dui, under aggravated circumstances. I was told at my hearing that my license would be suspended for 7 months. I acquired my driving record, as today I had my last adp class, and my instructor seemed under the impression I wouldn't have to wait that long. Now, on my driving record, it lists the offense (dui/first offense), the date of my arrest, and then moves on to columns labeled "CV" and "HM". In both of these columns, they list "N". This shows having caused 0 points on my record. It also lists under the dui offense and the license suspension order, a date under "conv/adm date", and both have expiration dates, a month after the original date. I'm just looking for some clarification on what all of that means. It's been three months since my first court date. The expiration dates are two months prior. I'm so confused!
I cannot help you with how to read the driving transcript. However, if you were sentenced by the court to a seven...
Can I seek professional help, to help me with my dwi charge
I just met my father, he has been in prison my entire life. He said doctors said he is a sociopath, and I probably am also. Just learning this makes me want help, and also gives me some insight on my personality behavior's. When I'm under a lot of stress I tend to lean towards drugs, alcohol to help me cope. What options do I have.
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your question, I apologize, but if your question is in regards to what form or type of...
What can I do in what are my rights we can't afford a real attorney
My wife and I are currently going against the state they have taken custody of my daughter and filed neglect charges on me and my wife and we are currently taking random drug tests and my wife it's and I have currently failed 1 drug test that came up positive for methamphetamine and he pled guilty to the charge just on our last court date and my sister-in-law currently has temporary custody of my daughter granted by the state while this issue is going on now that we have failed this drug test and we don't have a real lawyer we just have a public Pretender what is going to happen to it and what it what are our rights as far as trying to get our daughter back woman this whole incident started I had nothing to do with it so why am I being forced to take drug tests and such as well and then the beginning was it legal for the social worker to interview my child while I was not home and without my consent and to search my personal bedroom while I was not home and once I got home she came back with the police and her and the police went into my home and switch to my bedroom without any kind of warrant or consent
First of all, if you cannot afford an attorney, you will have a public advocate appointed, which appears has been done...
What is a customary fee schedule for a 1st DUI and how long do they usually take to resolve?
I was charged with a DUI 9/2015 with a 0.03 breath test in the field and negative on the blood and the only thing on my drug screen was Trazadone which I have taken for several years for sleep when I need it. This has been ongoing, it took until May to get the blood results back. My lawyer asked for $1000. up front, he travels 13 miles for the continuing court appearances which have totaled 3 visits of no more than 5 minutes, and the pre-trial which may have lasted a total of 10 minutes. I met with him for the first time in his office last Friday and he asked for an additional $3000. 1500 to cover the continuing visits to date and 1500 to go to a bench trial. I have been led to believe all along that this would most likely be dismissed, but for some reason the county attorney wants it taken forward. I have never been in trouble before. I feel like these fees are excessive.
Respectfully, I think the fees are quite reasonable. You are paying for time and experience. Your attorney spent...