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should the time he spent in the other county on the dui charges since they put a hold on him and took him directly to the county that he violated, should the time he did for the dui be counted concurrent?
Each state is different and I'm sure some Florida attorneys will weigh in. In MN it is prohibited by law if both...
He failed the field sobriety test and refused to submit to a chemical test. He was arrested and bonded out 8 1/2 hours later,at that time they gave him the bac test it was .01 This is his first offense and he also has a clean driving record. His arrest shows a Degree (N) and Level (M) ...what does that mean? Can he get a hardship license to go to work and school? With it being his first DUI and clean driving record, what can he expect. Consequences of his decision not to blow?
You ask some very good questions, and those questions should be answered in an attorney's office because of the detail...
I was supposed to be done with probation and the last day I went to check in they told me I violated for not having classes complete. I was detained, went to jail, and was RoR the same day. The paperwork they were saying wasn't turned in was completed and turned in a year ago. When I went to check in after I got out of jail I turned in all my "missing" paperwork again. I have a violation hearing coming up soon; what is the best way to state my case and not come out with more jail time when I am tapped out and don't have the funds necessary to retain a lawyer?
that is why you want to make copies of everything. now you have to go back to the place where you took the class and...
Failed a drug test drug test and I have done everything it was my last month the lines were questionable what will happen?
Perhaps prosecuted as originally filed. Perhaps not, depends upon the State Attorney.
I just moved here from Texas. I went to get my FL drivers license and they told me that SC is showing I am ineligible due to a DUI conviction in GA in 1989 while I possessed a SC license. The case was dismissed. The court in GA has provided a letter stating that they no longer have the court records since it was more than 20 years ago. Since 1989 I have had my SC license renewed and received both a GA and TX drivers license. GA DMV has no record of me being charged with DUI in GA. How do I get this removed from the NDR?
You may want to try and contact the GA state attorney office to see if they have records. Also contact he GA DMV...
I went to state prison for 14 months in 1997. I got my voting -rights back in about 2 years. Now I have petitioned to get gun-rights back and haven't heard back from them. I it's been about 2 years. I did call Tallahassee once and they said it was being processed but couldn't give details or time-frame. I know elections have alot to do with it, but I need them back. My sister has my guns in Georgia and won't let me have them back till I get my rights back. my dad gave them to her when I was in prison. I took care of my parents for over 12 years when I got out so I had to live with them. They are both deceased now and I recieved my dads guns in will, but he sent them to my sis too because I was a felon. Not sure what the laws were on that What should I do to get ownership rights back?
hier an attorney who can assist you with this pardon process
probation and requested early termination. I thought for sure it would be granted as I completed everything in ammicable time. I made the mistake of assuming it would be granted and smoked a joint on the 4th of July (mistake also). My request was denied and I failed a drug test. I had to spend 2 nights in jail and was released on house arrest for 30 days. I also have to complete 18 weeks of substance abuse classes, and drug test twice a month. After I complete all this, can I put in a request for early termination. I am due to be off probation Dec 1st.?
You can always ask for early termination of probation. Often, judges are reluctant to terminate someone's probation...