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How to I get my license back from a DUI that happened three years ago?
Hello, I got a DUI back in October of 2013 and was officially convicted on January 27th, 2014. It was not a wet reckless (I don't know if that makes a difference?) After tomorrow it will officially be three years after. I did not attempt to get a restricted license or get my license back during this time as I had no car. However, I am now looking to get a car for school and thus get my license back. I know that an SR-22 is required for three years after conviction but is it three years from conviction or three years after getting your licence back? If I no longer need an SR-22 what steps do I take now to get my license back?
Call 916 657 6525 to see what you need to reinstate. YOu likely have to pay a fee and MAY have to do a 3 month alcohol...
My three year probation for a CA DUI ended yesterday but I still have another probation....
My probation for DUI ended on 1/27/17 for Santa Clara County CA. Is it still on my record? Should I get it expunged? How do I get it expunged? I ask because I am looking to get my drivers license back and get a car for school. However, I believe I'm in a tricky situation. A separate incident from my idiotic youth has me on a separate probation for Kern County for violation of CA V.C. 14601.1 (A). (Other charges relating to driving while on DUI were dismissed). This probation ends on 10/10/17. The fines for both cases are paid in full. I want to go into DMV and try and get my license back but my fear is that if I do go in something might be triggered electronically and notify someone that I violated my DUI probation in another county while it was still in effect and be reprimanded for it. Since the probation period is over as of yesterday for my DUI is that even a possibility? All I want is to finally get my license back and a car but all of these complications and fears are bringing back these traumatic memories. Input? Thank You.
When you're looking to expunge your record you can't be on probation. You have also violated the probation in Santa...
Court case due to substances and question about deportation
I am 20 years old man. On 11/2015 I was in jail for 3 months due to drug possession and domestic violence. Then I was on probation, I got tested + for drugs once and I did not see my PO once. Also I did not comply with a drug rehab program due to lack of money and for the same reason I did not see my PO. On July/16 the police found me sleeping in a car that was not mine and I had an order to be arrested for the above reasons. Then I was taken to jail and I am still waiting for a sentence. I am a permanent resident and I would like to know if the above are grounds to be deported to my birth country.
Obviously you have probation violations ahead of you. Get an attorney- speak to an immigration attorney.
For a DUI hold on driver's license, does anyone have any success stories dealing with Mandatory Actions Unit?
It seems like there is no way around them. Has anyone ever been able to get past them or have had them be considerate? They seem very heartless there. I feel something's are just system error, and they can totally make exceptions based on circumstance. Each individual case is different. Do they have a court of their own? Can you request to speak to higher authority? How to make someone at MAU help you?
What are you referring to? An FTA? A DUI conviction? The law is the law. It's not necessarily dmv discretion, so no,...
I got a speeding ticket while on probation for a dui in a different county
I was on my way home from vacation with my friend. He was falling asleep at the wheel and couldn't stay awake. We didn't think it was safe for him to sleep for hours on the side of the freeway with so little room on the side and who knows how long before there was another exit. He asked me to drive. I was going somewhere around 85 and I got pulled over. I have no license due to a past DUI in October. The officer issued me a speeding ticket and also wrote driving with a suspended license on the ticket. It was in Kern County and my DUI was in Santa Clara county. Will they notify Santa Clara of this and what can I expect to happen due to this. I realize it's very serious and I'm a bit scared of what's going to happen to me now.
Unfortunately, it's not just a speeding ticket. If your license was suspended because of a DUI conviction, you...
What should resident in California do at a mandatory sobriety check point ? Can one divert ones car to avoid the check point ?
Can residents in CA refuse breath test or refuse to answer any questions from cops ? What would be the penalty in avoiding the check point ? Can drivers text/ call and notify others on the road of the exisitence of such a check point and ask them to avoid ?
Yes you can avoid checkpoint as legal driving maneuver. You can notify other's in any lawful means of communication....
Can I rent a car in Ireland with a restricted license?
Restriction is to/from work and DUI program. It's a CA license. Thanks!
It depends on who you rent from. Foreign countries do not typically check the restrictions on your license.However,if...