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My 18 yr old son recieved his 1st dwi. Don't know what to to
He was not involved in wreck but also recieved ticket for failure to maintain lane. Bac was twice over limit. Don't know if he needs a lawyer
Yes. You need to hire an experienced DWI lawyer as soon as you can. It is very important. Please start looking...
My daughter 17 , was bought alcohol , by another parent , drove drunk , come back with car smashed , dont remember , can i sue?
this not the first time , we now hear , daughter is borderline diabetic , and these people know this , and has already wrecked last year , from blackout , almost killing her , i am so mad , it has put us through so much , not including money , well i want them have pay it back , this would never had happened , without the booze , am i right .
File a complaint with the police.
DWI - Not Charged but License Suspended
I was arrested for a DWI in February. My license was suspended after the 15 days and my reinstatement date has passed. However, I have yet to be charged for the DWI. The Department of Motor vehicles states that I have to complete SATOP in order to reinstate my license. How can I get my license reinstated without SATOP if I have not been convicted?
There are two potential cases going on at the same time as a result of a single DWI arrest. The first is a civil case...
DUI and driving with supsended license.
I have a pending DUI and driving with a suspended license in Missouri 1st offense. Court tomorrow, so no official charges. I was pulled over two weeks ago and given a second driving with a suspended license 1st offense. Will one of these become a 2nd offense. Do I need an attorney for the second charge?
You should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you on the DUI and on both driving while...
What are the steps that I need to take to clear this DWI from my record?
I was leaving a friends place after having a couple of drinks, just a couple I wasn't drunk, while I am driving home I move partially out of my lane to avoid hitting a pot hole and the officer pulled me over for not maintaining a single lane. The officer then began giving me test to see if I was drunk and I passed all of them. When the cop gave me the breathalyzer test I blew 4 times and all were inconclusive so I was arrested and taken to the station. When I blew at the station I blew a .102 and they booked me with a DWI. I was able to leave right after and did not and a bond. I am a college student and having this on my record could jeopardize my future.
First, you need to contact an attorney immediately. There are deadlines you don't want to miss which will effect your...
What forms do I request at the court house to start my petition?
I lost my license for 10 years because of DUI(s), I'm eligible for my license April 19, 2016 I was granted a hardship license 6 years ago along with the interlock system installed in my car(s).
You are searching for the right form when you need to be searching for the right attorney.
Will I lose my license for three more years if I don't complete the SATOP program by my court date on May 2nd?
I lost my license back in 2011 for a DUI haven't went through SATOP or anything yet, but was caught driving on a suspended license my current lawyer said that if I don't complete SATOP by the next court date the state will take my license for another three years.
You sure could.