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How could I save my license any advice no incerance I didn't no that tho I thought it was covered BC had been stoped the month befor and it showed the truck was covered and at the wreck it came back as covered when they ran the tag but when called incerance company they said it hasn't been covered in a year never got aletter from the state or dmv or the comp. Never marandised put in car with another person that had nothing to do with me told me that's since there's no incerance there going to push the dui
This is the third or fourth confusing post on this forum today from Waycross, all involving DUI questions based on...
was like a foot from the road it knoked me out and hit a house that no one lives in when the cops got there they supected that I was under the influence I said no just my pruscribed meds so they took me to the hospital took my blood and made me pee in a cup but I said I felt ok so the doc didn't check me to me to the jail they said I couldn't be locked up BC I wasn't medicly cleared so they took me back to the hospital and left me and the doc gave me my stuff back and told me to go home well the next day they issue a warent for my arest and take me to jail I asked y they didn't keep me yesterday & they said so the city wouldn't be responsible for my med bills. When they ran the tag it showed incerance we called the Inc comp and they said we haven't had Inc of a year bt we never got any th
Your question is difficult to follow but it sounds like you need a criminal lawyer.
Thing from the state of incerance comp during that year when we told the cops that they said ok then I'm proubley going to get charged with the dui 2 weeks after that they started calling me my dad and hes gf that they need to talk to me for me to come up there so when I got off work me and my dad went up there and all they would tell them on the phone is they just need to talk to me but when I get there they arested me for the no incerance and the trucks not in my name that was the. 21 Aug the wreck was in July 16
You need to hire yourself a criminal defense attorney immediately.
I am 20 years old and I am currently on probation for underage drinking at a college party. At the end of the probation and 40 hours of community service it was to be dismissed off my record. I got a phone call from a officer and he told me I had a warrant for my arrest and that I had to turn myself in. The situation happened about 5 months ago I was with my roommate from college at a park and two under-covers approached us and said the area smelt of weed. They then searched us and found a roach on her and nothing on me. They then turned around and searched her car and found half a gram in her glove compartment. I had no idea she had that in her car. They then let us leave and we heard nothing more about it. now they put warrants out on us both and charge us both for the weed.
You need to immediately go and talk with an attorney in your area.
got dui in june 2011 plead guilty.
Consult with a GA licensed DUI lawyer, I am not. Looking at your DDS (like our DMV) GA has a long look back period...
I crossed the center line while driving on prescription med "SOMA" and was arrested. I spent 4 days in jail because my wife was in the hospital going threw chemo therapy (she has Acute Myeloid Leukemia and needs a transplant and could not bail me out . Child in school. This is my 1st offense, I had a clean driving record I had taken my wife back to the hospital due to high fever then had to get something for her from her sister. And on the way back I crossed the center line and was arrested. I'm on pain patches,soma as well as heart cholesterol, blood presure, coumadin and break threw pain pills. I had a car fall on me, open heart surgery, other surgeries But I'm in chronic pain all the time. What will a lawyer cost and what will the likely outcome be?
I would definitely encourage you to hire a local criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUI case. The police are...
I was dropped off by a designted driver I can't find the taxy company that drooped me off,But I have witness that heard and saw i was dropped off !
You can listen to your lawyer's advice.