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2nd DWI mandatory jail time?
Well I just posted a question on this site and got a sufficient answer, but wanted to clarify for my sanity at the moment. I got a 2nd DWI. The 48 hours in IDRC will "satisfy" as in replace the 2 days of jail? So I may not have to go to jail? Just wanted to know. I am going to prepare my own defense partially and probably use the public defender, but there is a possibility that I can stay out of jail? Or am I going regardless?
Correct, jail for a second DUI is not mandatory, though it is for a third. You should retain an attorney nonetheless as...
License restoration for DUI in NJ
Well, I had my license suspended now for about 5 years for a DUI. I was making monthly payments the first year but then could not afford them due to rent and not having a decent job. I was negligent in doing the right amount of research then but, now I see that there is something called a License Restoration fee of 100 dollars.. I just got a full time job and this is my number one priority, restoring my license. My surcharges now total over 3000 dollars, but according to the MVC if I pay about 150 dollars and a 100 dollar License Restoration Fee it will automatically enroll me in a repayment program.. My question is, if I pay this now, will me license be restored now? Or when I'm done paying? And if so, what additional steps do I have to take besides regular payments?
If you pay the restoration fee and set up a payment plan with DMV then you will be restored now. As long as you stick...
My husband had one dui in 2001, a simple possession charges in 2011 & 2012 (>5grams=roach), one that was a cond'l discharge.
My husband has been in the USA for 17 years, and a legal permanent resident for over 10 years. Recently he was detained by immigration at the airport for a lengthy interview and is now awaiting a date to appear in deportation court. My question is: Will the conditional discharge be used against him in deportation court? Is it likely that my husband will be deported for such insignificant amounts of marijuana?
A conditional discharge MAY be used against him. It depends on the details of his case. An experienced removal defense...
Maryland resident with New Jersey DUI conviction and interlock requirement, but never received letter ordering installation.
New Jersey judge ordered an ignition interlock requirement. However, I have never received notice of the interlock requirement from the NJ MVC. And, Maryland did not order a interlock requirement. If I do not operate a vehicle in NJ, do I have to have an interlock installed? I tried to have one installed, and the provider refused to do so without a letter from the NJ MVC. But, when I called the MVC, they said to just have the interlock installed. Maryland and the interlock provider said they are certain New Jersey cannot place an interlock requirement on an out of state resident as condition of reinstating NJ privileges. Is this why I have not received a interlock notice? Can anyone clarify this issue or help me settle this issue with certainty with the MVC? Is there a specific law?
This is a murky issue in NJ. The short answer is that you need to install the interlock device in your car. The NJMVC...
Lost my license, can i still get a boaters safety certificate?
Obtaining a boat safety course, while my license are still lost.
A boat safety license is a requirement to operate a non-tidal vessel in the State of New Jersey. But you also need to...
Obtaining a license in one of the non compact states, if i`m suspended in NJ for 10 years?
Hi, i have lost my lisence in new jersey for ten years. i know the states that are not in the compact are tennessee, georgia, massachusetts, wisconsin, and michigan. i was wondering if it is possible to obtain a license in any of those states without any problems, all my stuff is payed and restored It has been three years since i have drivin. Can`t take it any longer... Also all my court requirements are finished and went to outpatient rehab.
The Compact is only part of your problem. MI, for instance, will not issue a license to an Illinois resident if therei...
I have discovery packet doesn't have my blood results can i ask for a dismissal? Accident was on 11-6-2010 Is this the norm?
What should i do?
Not clear on what kind of case you're involved in. I'm going to guess that you're representing yourself in a drunk-...