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  • Plainfield man pleads guilty to attempted murder

    Mar 27, 2017 | via Courier News 

    Plainfield man pleads guilty to attempted murder Diondre Quinones fired a gun at detectives from the Union County Prosecutor's Office in 2015 Check out this story on Diondre J. Quinones, 22, pleaded guilty late Friday, March 24, to charges of first-degree attempted murder and second-degree unlawful possession of a weapon before Superior Court Judge Benjamin S. Bucca in Middlesex County. TRENTON - A Plainfield man has pleaded guilty to attempted murder for firing a handgun at plainclothes detectives from the Union County Prosecutor's Office in 2015, said State Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino.


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Milltown Law

I was arrested once for 2c:35-10A I used a conditional discharge, just got same charge 16 yrs later, anything I could do?
I'm worried if my job finds out and also don't want to lose my license it was found in my car.
It really depends on the evidence against you. Possibly very much can be done or there may not be much you can do. It...
Will a VTL 1192.1 charge from Staten Island NYC transfer to my home DMV in NJ?
Will this affect me as a second time offender if I get charged for a DWI in my home state of New Jersey?
First off, VTL 1192.1 is Driving While Impaired versus Intoxicated which is 1192.2 , 3 or 4. Second, yes, it could...
Withhold of adjudication / NOLO Contendere
Is a prior out of state DUI case with Withhold of adjudication / NOLO Contendere consider a prior conviction in N.J?
Any lawyer will tell you that they would need more details regarding the jurisdiction in which you had the no contest...
Statue of limitations dwi law
my last refusal was in 1995 21 years ago I had 2 prior dwi's before this. just got a new one 2016 is there a 10 year statue of limitations that if your last dwi was 10 years after your next the next will be a first
After 10 years going violation free for DWI's you get a step down to the next lower offense number thus a 3rd offense...
Have to get an iid, can nj cops randomly check my car if I got dui in ny but I love in nj?
I am a nj resident but got a dui first offense in manhattan. Judge ordered to get an iid installed. But no car is under my name. Do nj cops know I have an iid in my car and get a dui by check my plate? (The car is in my dads name.)
When you are ordered to get an IID it must go in any car at your address that you have access to drive.
Will i be drug tested on my first meet with my probation officer
I recently got a conditional dismissal for having a fake id and i got placed on what the judge called a lesser probation. on the conditions it says must take drug/alcohol test when asked. Will i be drug tested on my first meeting with the probation officer or even at all? im in nj and it is a non drug related crime
This is random, you could be asked on no days, five days, the first day or the last day only. Random. Probation...
Is thee a lawyer that will go against irdc for adding 16 weeks on to a 2006 dui on 2009 as non compliance an I was never notifie
I got a dui in 2006 an was sentenced to 12 hrs IRDC at a church fines community service and surcharges I completed all , license restored in 2008 that in 2010 I had my own prescription for methadone for pain management in my trunk charged with dui but didn't have the surcharge I paid off $8000 in surcharges in 2017 the dev. told me I just had to pay 100 dollar restoration fee now I go to get my NJ license and they say in 2009 someone put a non compliance against me which I wasn't suspended for or notified and wasn't sentenced in 2006 to this ! the dui was in Roxbury ,NJ and community service and case was transferred to Middlesex county. Now they wont let me have my license back unless I do 16 weeks of irdc approved rehab type thing with prisoners and i9 want to know is there a lawyer that can go to Trenton and get a hearing to overturn this fake 2009 IRDC non compliance. I was told if I was non compliant they wouldn't have reissued my privilege's in 2008 until the entire list of municipal judge orders where complete,
Yes, you can challenge this. I think you best best would be to speak with an attorney and then go back to the original...