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My brother will be getting parole in July, 2015 from DUI. However, his home plan has been denied due to his son
living there & the choices his son has made. His son has had parties and allowed his mother to come there whom she is part of the stress issue for my brother. Parole says his son has to move out before my brother can come home. What do I need to do to move his son and grandson out so he can return to his own home?
You inquiry is not really clear. They need to move, if he is going to live there. If they won't leave voluntarily, that...
Can I stop an order to revoke my ARD?
I have received a letter saying they are going to turn my case in for processing of an ard revocation, claiming I have not completed my community service and failed to completely pay my fines. I did in fact complete my community service and I have the letter stating so and I thought I had another month to finish paying my fines (I had written it in my calendar wrong). What are my options? I can have my fines completely paid within the next few weeks...
Contact the attorney who represented you in the case. There may be a reprieve for you. Try to get your ard extended for...
Was i cited for DUI?
I was stupid and got pulled over for DUI. I was taken to the station and had to give a blood test. Thing is now, I'm not sure what is going on. The officer was nice enough to take me home after the fact but I didn't receive a ticket or any paperwork what so ever. What is going to happen now?
In about a week you will get a criminal complaint in the mail. It will also include the date of your arraignment and...
I missed my DUI court hearing.
I missed my court case for my DUI. I went to my initial and this was where I could ask to go into the ARD program. I honestly made the mistake that it was for 2/2/2016. I made sure to ask off of work since I had the date. I just got home and started to put all my papers together to discover it was today. I couldn't afford an attorney so I have a public defender. I'm scared to death. I'm a single mom with a very sick child. I cannot go to jail. Obviously I'm going to call the public defenders office ASAP in the morning. What should I expect?
Please call the attorney ASAP and copy your records to show this was an honest mistake. Some public defenders stein...
DUI sentence
I maybe facing a 72 hour jail sentence for a 1st time DUI in Luzerne County. Do I serve the Jail Sentence with the general population in the county jail ?
First, these issues are specific to the statute. Different states have different rules. In Washington, for example,...
Can I get Ard for a Dui while on Ard for a non Dui charge ? Lancaster County
I Got a Dui while parked in my gfs car because she felt she was to drunk to drive, I don't have my license, and I am on Ard for a simple assault about 2 years ago. Im not sure what to do or if I can do anything, I don't know for 100% certainty that I will get the dui, but it seems like I might. he didn't take a picture or fingerprint me, just ran my bac and gave me a print out of that. I blew a .113 but did fine with my sobriety test as I told them I would, because I didn't feel I was un fit to drive us the 5 min home.
For a variety of reasons described in your story, the short answer to your question is "no". Moreover, your new DUI...
DUI, probation.
My brother got DUI in 2014. As per court order he was supposed to attend some classes 3 times (3 days). He did, but only 2 times. He paid all fines, but missed one class (one day). Now, he called the court, and they told him everything is ok. Is it possible he has a warrant issued? How can we find out about it? Can he get any documents from the court that he fulfilled his obligations? I know he had a probation officer assigned, should he contact him? I mean, we have no idea if can even drive in PA (we live in NJ). Please help.
Your brothers first call should be to the attorney that represented him in this matter.