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Will my probation be revoked
I am under probation in mo for a dwi and i have less than a year left. This is unsupervised probation. I was in panama city for spring break a was arrested for disorderly conduct this weekend. I have the option of doing a misdemeanor diversion program and upon completion all charges will be dropped and dismissed. How is my probation going to be affected if I complete this if at all. Also should I even inform the court.
You should contact a attorney in panama city to help you with your case and contact the attorney that you used in your...
What happens to a 2 year conditional permanent resident that has gotten a DWI and DUI in less than 3 years apart?
In 2010 my husband got a DWI in Missouri. He spent 2 years in jail because he is hispanic and was out of "status". He entered the US legally but overstayed. To make a long story short we won our case with immigration April 2012. The judge granted him a 2 year conditional permanent resident card (since we weren't married at the time for very long). Now my husband tells me he just got a DUI in Arkansas yesterday (he wasnt driving but the key was in the ignition and it is dry county in Jonesboro Arkansas) What does this do to him when he goes before immigration in April 2013 to apply for citizenship or a 10yr permanent resident card?
He should be OK ... talk to the lawyer that helped your 'win' the case with the Immigration Judge for confirmation.
What does this mean? (Missouri)
I looked up someone's case on Case Net for a DWI. Their attorney got them to plead guilty and they got a suspended sentence and I guess probabtion for 2 years. Where it stated the fines it said "$200.00 LERF" what does that mean?
That means he had to pay $200 to the law enforcement restitution fund.
What can a DWI be reduced to in Missouri if it is a first offense?
It was a first offense and the driver was pulled over immediately after leaving a gas station that the officer was at. The officer never told the driver why he was pulled over and asked the driver to get out of the car as soon as the officer got to the window. Can a DWI be reduced to an offense that will not affect insurance rates or even be reduced at all?
Not enough information to be able to answer your question. But hiring the best lawyer is always going to result in a...
What do I do if I live in California, and got a DWI in Missouri when I was visiting a friend??
Got a DWI arrest while visiting a friend in Missouri. I live in California. I have no plans on going back to Missouri, but want to take care of all the legal things, fees, and fines for this DWI.
I'll states have a reciprocity agreement such that you can't run and hide from that offense today. Hire an attorney in...
Will someone I know go to jail for probation violation?
Someone I know got arrested for a dwi. Was charged for a class b misd. And sentence was suspended and put on two year supervised probation. During those court dates the person was caught driving on a suspended license but before they were put on probation. After they were put on probation they got arrested for a warrant for a failure to appear to their first court date for the driving on a suspended license. They bonded out. What is the likely outcome ?
Conditions of probation usually state that it's a violation of probation if defendant gets arrested, charged, or...
Can I get a driving while suspended off my record?
Got a dwi that I was never charged with in 2011. So I got a driving while suspended because of this.
I'm not sure I understand what you are saying happened, but if you mean that you recently received a ticket for Driving...