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I had a DUI that resulted in a PBJ in Maryland. It has been 3 years since the end on my probation. Get i get it expunged?
I had a DUI that resulted in a probation before judgment in Maryland. It has been 3 years since the end on my probation. Can I get it expunged, at least in the records potential employers would have access too?
Unfortunately, no. That offense is one that the General Assembly does not allow to be expunged.
How does the court enforce an abstain from alcohol order while on probation by using a breathalyzer?
The probationer knows their next reporting date a month ahead of time. Are people really stupid enough to report that same day right after drinking?
Some people do test positive for alcohol despite the fact that they knew they would be tested. Others pick up a new...
An 18 month supervised probation in MD for DUI includes $18 a month for alcohol testing (they condensed the costs to be over 14
months to allow for a buffer at the end). The alcohol testing is a breathalyzer when you report at your requested reporting date that your PO gives you. Any idea why a breathalyzer test would have a fee that high? It seems extreme.
This isn't really a legal question. I'm not sure what answer you are looking for here but $18/month does not sound very...
I was arrested for misdemeanor DWI in Maryland and am leaving the country Sept. 1st for a Master's Program. Will this affect?
First offense. Blew a .17.
Yes, you need to arrange how to deal with this charge and your being out of the country. A lawyer can help, and you...
Can I get weekend jail for a 3rd DUI with totaled vehicle in Maryland?
Can I get weekend jail time for my DUI? I am not guilty of third and awaiting trial to try the case, I did win the mva case and now I have a new charge with the accident.. I'm attending AA and alcohol classes. I have learned my lesson.. I know I will be serving jail I'm just hoping being a single mom in Maryland I will somehow get the weekend option?? Have u seen a case where the DUI charges are back to back? No one was harmed just hit a park car but totaled mine and blew a 1.8 and haven't even been tried for the 2nd! Will a DUI lawyer help me get weekend jail or reduced jail time?
I am not going to predict the jail consequences, but strange as it may seem, it is better to have had two DUI's back-to-...
My wife drove drunk, I have it on video her pulling in and then her walking in and I ask her about it. Can I use this in court?
Going through a divorce and want to use this as evidence.
if she did not consent to the audio (her voice being recorded) then you would not be able to use the audio, but could...
I have a 2 part question for an experienced criminal (DUI) attorney and seeking input on defense exploits.
The DA is hanging her hat on a blood draw from a hospital. A supeana decces teum was issued. Atty. Justin McSHANE, exhaustively covers hospital blood draws:not forensic. Before getting into that level of debate, what would defense approach be if: 1) I was detained not arrested, in hospital ICU with TBI, did not consent (I was cognitively impaired with a subdural hematoma, a potentially life threatening injury), officer either waited for an ETOH reading (time-stamp) then charged me, or charged me before the reading. Would DA need a grand jury supeana to satisfy HIPPA laws? Does Missouri vs McNeally apply? Qualified personnel, can I demand that the nurse (if it was a nurse) who took my blood be present at trial, the tech\analyst, the custodian of records, ect?
The questions you ask are highly technical and are factually dependent and thus require a careful review of the...