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Father of my children got charged for Domestic violence while on DUI probation. What could be facing?
Arrested for DUI plus child endangerment in Feb of last yr. Now charged for PE 273.5 and 273.a in CA.
He will need an attorney. He is looking at new criminal charges as well as a probation violation. This is not a...
Can you be convicted of a DUI with only marijuana???
Can you be convicted of a DUI with only marijuana???
Yes. In fact recently they added a new crime, DUID which is driving under the influence drugs.
What can happen? I had a .23 BAC my court got delayed to gather more information. This is my 1st DUI. I have a lawyer.
I got pulled over for swerving in lane i was 2 blocks away from my house. Had a couple drinks. I was scared so i cooperated with all the tests.
Ask your lawyer, he has read the reports. A fine, a long program, and some other conditions will be imposed. Your...
Can I get a lawyer to accompany me to a hearing at 8 am on Friday, 12 Feb. 2016?
Need a lawyer to accompany to a hearing re: suspension of my driver's license.
AVVO is a great place to search for lawyers in your area. We cannot solicit your business here on the site. You'll...
What happens after arrested for drunk in public after first DUI in CA?
Hi! In May I was arrested for my first DUI. I received no jail time, and instead was on 3 year non reporting probation and required to take the DUI class. A few weeks ago, I was arrested for a Drunk in Public. I spent the weekend in jail. I went before a judge on that Monday, and was released on bail . The prosecutors want to drop the drunk in public charge, but want to go after the probation violation. I have a court date in a few weeks and wanted to know what to expect. Since I spent 4 days in jail already ( my attorney told me that counted for 8) I just wanted to have the best idea of what exactly I am facing. Thank you.
The reason the D.A. wants to go after the Probation violation instead of the Drunk in Public charge, is because it is...
Would it be possible for me to get the record on my Driving history expunged?
I was arrested for DUI in California in July 2012 with BAC of 0.083% and 0.088%. The administrative hearing held by DMV upheld my suspension but the DA's office never filed the charges in court. DA's office has also provided me with a letter that they won't be filing charges. However, I see that the DUI record on DMV is impacting my Insurance payments.
You can not expunge a DMV result, only a criminal conviction. There are many insurance companies that cater to drives...
Can a longtime permanent resident get citizenship if he had Felony DUI 18 years ago?
Neighbor is a permanent resident but went to prison 18 years ago for accruing 4 DUIs. No injuries or accidents and no children involved. Spent 14 months in prison. Nothing else before or after that and he has been a responsible business owner. Can he apply to become a US citizen? Or is it hopeless?
He/she should talk to an experienced immigration attorney who understands how criminal matters can impact...