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I attempted to make payments 3 years ago and they told me they couldn't accept them, now I am receiving a bill? Is this legal?
You have not given us enough information to answer the question accurately. It may or may not be legal. Should you...
I've also been charged with misdemeanor reckless driving with injury. I have one prior DUI from a few years ago that I think I'm still on probation for. The DA wants prison, but the judge might sentence me to treatment or jail if I plead to all the charges.
Have you spoken with an attorney? I wouldn't plead guilty to any felony, let alone a misdemeanor without consulting an...
I just received my restricted license following a DUI charge which allows me to drive to/from and during work, as well as to/from the DUI program. Obviously, I would need to stop occasionally at gas stations on the way to/from my job & dui classes. Is it acceptable to also make occasional quick stops at the grocery store & bank while en route to/from my job & dui program? If I happen to be pulled over leaving the grocery, would an officer consider this as breaking the terms of the restriction? How am I to eat & pay the bills!
My recommendation has always been to get gas next to the grocery store and keep the gas receipt. Nothing prevents you...
I am a 20 year old college student arrested for my first DUI 23152(A)(B) in San Rafael, Marin County, CA. I got pulled over because my headlight was out. I blew an .08 twice. They did not do a blood test. I have never gotten in trouble before and I’m a good student. I would like to keep the financial burden off of my parents if possible. What should I expect and should I get an attorney? Will I lose my drivers license or have to go to jail? If someone doesn’t have the money, will the courts ever let you make payments or give you community service instead?
Since you are under 21 and you blew a 0.08, DMV will suspend your license for one year. You only have 10 days to...
I am 24 years old living in California and am extremely worried. Two nights ago I was pulled over and charged with a DUI (23152 a & b). I am seeking a psychologist and will start the 12-step AA program to identify any substance problems I may have. I am worried because five years ago when I was 20 years old, (under drinking age), I received a 23140 (a) infraction and subsequently lost my license for one year. When I had my court appearance, the judge told me that I did NOT receive a DUI. I am very concerned and have been a wreak since this incident. Will this charge be considered a first-time or second DUI? Thank you for any help.
This will be considered your first DUI . Get an attorney.
The judge dismissed the case for lack of evidence.
Good for you, you had a good judge, too bad the DA didn't have enough sense not to file charges against you. Did you...
I was in the parking lot of the complex. My truck slipped into drive and crashed into a sign post in the yard area. The police did a sobriety check 3 times and determined that I was incapacitated and arrested me. After a day in jail, I was released on my on reconizance and sent home. A court date was set and I arrived to be told that there was no evidence and dismissed the case. I want to see if there is anything I can do to prevent this from happening to another in the same situation. The police did not take a blood test or urine. They were aware that I have Peripheral Neuropathy and unsteady on my feet for the duration of their investigation. The police called a second opinion and arrested me when my family didnt come to my aid.
Get a letter from your neurologist and keep it in your car. If you're unsteady on your feet, you may be questioned and...