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Why am I being charged with a DUI a month after the incident when I passed the breathalyzer?
I was driving with a heavily intoxicated passenger. The vehicle was his. He was getting wild and I was trying to get us home when I lost control of the vehicle and hit a power pole. The car was totaled, my passenger taken to the hospital. He was a lawyer and told me to go home. I was disoriented and injured as well, but listened to his advise because he was a lawyer and 10 years my senior. I walked home and saw a cop car, they turned around right in front of me, I continued home. The officers came to my house, I was wearing heels still and was so confident in my sobriety that I took the field test in heels. They took me to the station and I passed the breathalyzer and was taken home, where the officer told me I was okay to drive to the hospital to check on my passenger. I received a ticket for "driving with wheels off the road" and paid it promptly. I was in the process of moving to Spokane already and now live here but a year later found out I have an active warrant and a pending DUI charge. My passenger never pressed any charges and I have requested a police report already but have been unable to retain a lawyer thus far.
In order to be convicted of DUI, you do not need to be over the legal limit of .08. That level is just a presumption...
Pulled over for DUI, but breath test was invalid.
I was pulled over for suspicion of DUI last night. After the field sobriety test, the officer took me in. However, the breath test administered came back as invalid. The officer said it wasn't working right. He gave me my license and car registration back. What next? Did he get me off with just a warning?
I would be very interested in speaking with you about the agency that arrested you, the location of the facility where...
Is a RN in WA State required to report a DUI arrest to the Dept of Health (licensing agency)?
Includes reckless driving, resisting arrest.
As a franchise attorney, this is outside my area of expertise - advising companies that want to franchise a business...
Does cps have the right to make me take a drug test just because the mother of my child has a past of drug use during pregnancy?
My girlfriend used heroine early in the pregnancy. She got arrested one night and found out in jail that she was pregnant. Since then she has done everything right. She is clean and sober, she takes methadone, she has literally taken drug tests every week which she passes 100% of the time. Our baby was born Sept. 12th 2017 and experienced a bit of withdrawal from the methadone that was being taken legally to keep baby alive. Now cps gets a report of drug use by mom which hasent been true since April and based off of someone's finger pointing that has no basis in fact not only are they harassing my girlfriend, but they are harassing me too. I feel like it is a huge violation of my rights to force me to do anything. Their claims are false on the surface due to my girlfriends well documented actions of doing the right thing so we could be with our daughter, they should not be free to harass me or her! We are both convinced that the reporter is her ex and his parents who are only tryijng to further hurt her in regards to her children with him. Cps will not even divulge who is the accuser! I'm sickj of our rights being circumvented by government under the banner of safety.
Too bad you feel the way you do but you have no ability to refuse the drug tests and if you do CPS will take the child...
How can I take care of a DUI that was written in Alaska? I am now living in Washington state.
I am unemployed looking for a job and got a criminal record copy from an employer that I applied for and turned me down. I think it was the charge of a DUI, in Kenai, Alaska 11/05/2010, where an active warrant was issued 05/17/2013. This incident happened almost 7 years ago. Do criminal cases like this fall off after 7 years? If not, how can I take care of this from Washington state? Can I get a public defender in Washington to take care of this Alaskan infraction?
Warrants don't typically expire. Whether or not you can take care of the issue from Washington depends on what it is...
How long will I lose my license if i got a new dui with a prior dui that was amended down to neg 1!
I got my first dui and that was amended down to negligent driving 1 and my attorney had won the dol hearing even thought neg 1 doesn't have any licenses consequences, will this new dui which am doing a deffered prosecution because I believe I am a alcoholic how long will I lose my license or be suspended or interlock requirement
The answer depends on several factors. If the prior DUI reduced to Negligent Driving First Degree was within the past...
I am confused about my DUI /open container situation
I was pulled over almost 2 months ago and blew over the limit. I was not arrested and was released on my own cognition. I pulled a WATCH report today and there is absolutely nothing on my record. I've only received an open container citation that I'm going to contest in court and a date has already been assigned. My driving record reflects a pending violation which the hearing is next week. Nothing at all anywhere about a DUI? Not on the court website either. Only the open container violation with the pending court date. Is it possible that the officer only cited me for that and not aDUI? I'm very confused
The statute of limitations on a DUI is two years. The WATCH report only reflects convictions, not pending...